My Dad Passed Out When He Saw Who I Am Dating 

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My Bodyguard is in love with me. Hi, I’m Halle and my dad is wealthy. My life is full of exciting things [note to the animator: the girl going shopping, swimming, partying, having fancy clothes etc] . But, my dad is mean. He never allows me to see anyone. One time, I was having my friends over. Dad saw us started yelling and screaming at them “ Get out of my house, you are only here for the food”. My friends freaked out and left. They never came back. Then he grabbed me by my hair and slapped me in the face. “ That’s not your house. You do as I tell you. Don’t bring anyone in here!” What about my mom?. My parents are divorced. Mom lives with her boyfriend. Dad doesn’t want me to see her and if I do, he will stop taking care of me. I got so sick of this situation. So i decided to Rebel. I started dating a bad boy. His name was Liam. Liam was a typical bad boy. When dad saw him he almost passed out. [ Note to the animator: A guy with blond hair, black sunglasses, full of tattoos and riding a motorcycle] Liam was unemployed, a member of a gang, always getting in fights, and he didn't have basic manners. “ you are not going to date this boy! Not under my roof!” dad yelled, he then slapped me in the face. “ this is my Home!!!” I replied angrily: Oh really, watch me!” I was determined to him off. One night, I snuck out of the house with Liam. We spent the night roaming in the streets on his motorcycle. He took me to a studio where I got a tattoo and piercing in my nose. I knew that my dad would hate it, but I didn’t care, I wanted him to suffer. However, when we got home Liam and I were talking in front of the house when a police officer came and arrested him. I was confused. I asked the police officer: “ what did he do officer?” the officer replied: “ he is disturbing the neighborhood with his motorcycle! Disturbing? Oh my god! This is definitely my dad! I went into the house to yell at him. But when I got in, a strange man came behind me and put his arms around my body and dragged me by force. I tired to fight but he was much stronger than me. Who is that? A thief? I thought he was going to kidnap me, but strangely he took me to my room. He threw me on the bed and locked the door! What the hell is going on? Dad entered half an hour later and said sharply: that’s what you get for not listening to me! Enjoy your prison! Then he got out and locked the door. I went nuts! I got up and started banging the door. “Get me out of here!” I screamed desperately! But he never answered. Two days went by when I understood that the strange man was a bodyguard. His name was Antonio. Dad hired to keep an eye on me. Everyday, the bodyguard opened the door, put the food and left without saying any word. I hated him at first, but then when I watched him closely. I noticed how handsome he was! The guy was fine.. Like real fine.. Jesse Williams fine [ note to the animator: if possible put a picture of real Jesse Williams in the video] . I tried to speak to him but he was as cold as ice. But somehow I started having feelings for him. I looked forward to the time he handed me food just so I can look at his blue eyes and muscular body. Ten days later, dad decided that it was enough. The punishment was over. He allowed me to go out but on one condition. The bodyguard had to accompany me. To his surprise, I was fine with the whole thing. I mean I couldn’t say no to a bodyguard like that! The minute I got out I made it my mission to date Antonio and since he didn’t want to talk to me, I thought why not make him jealous. I wore my best most revealing dresses whenever we went out. All the boys and men looked at me and tried to talk to me but he never me any attention. My next move was to annoy the hell out of him. I stayed up late at night partying to exhaust him. I talked to guys who looked dangerous and I yelled at him unnecessarily all the time. But he always replied: yes, ma'am .. no ma'am! “ I’m not your ma’am, will you look at me?! But he never did. One night, I was tired of the whole situation. I was at the bar feeling lonely. I was missing my mom so badly that I couldn’t breathe. I haven’t seen any of my friends for a while too. I started drinking.. Uncontrollably. So when then girl sitting next to me asked if could you move a little bit. I answered: no I can’t you ugly monster! She threw her glass of water on me and I slapped her in the face! We started fighting like crazy cats. Antonio had to come and take me out of the situation.



9. jan. 2020

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Jhunyl Ken Eguia
Jhunyl Ken Eguia Pred 41 minuto
I really like her walk 😆
That’s child abuse
RobloxMaster 101
RobloxMaster 101 Pred 3 urami
7:57 look at that face
Gacha Angel
Gacha Angel Pred 3 urami
The why she walks
S w e e t s
S w e e t s Pred 3 urami
Shadow Chan
Shadow Chan Pred 3 urami
amg 123
amg 123 Pred 3 urami
What the
amg 123
amg 123 Pred 3 urami
This is funny
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher Pred 4 urami
HE WAS FINE SUPER FINE (me to any Korean guy)
Lucky Llama
Lucky Llama Pred 4 urami
ok lets talk about her nose piercing bahaha
april styles
april styles Pred 4 urami
Her dad is abusive, yet she stays for money but is forced to live like a prisoner?? Get a job and move in with your mom, dumbass.
Galaxy Pred 4 urami
Her dad should go to jail for child abuse,locking up a child,calling child name,and trying to disown a child!
Virginia Joy
Virginia Joy Pred 5 urami
Oh my god the dad is so mean
Abdifatah Abdiwahab
Abdifatah Abdiwahab Pred 5 urami
Gay old man🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh man
I dont have a youtubw chanel
I have a few questions, what the hell happened to your boyfriend the piercing and the tattoo
Luna Midnight
Luna Midnight Pred 6 urami
She’s so spoiled with her whip cream self
Adi Pred 6 urami
They turned into Mr.Krabs
Mari Snow
Mari Snow Pred 6 urami
Wattpad? Oh well..
Drawing With mini
Drawing With mini Pred 6 urami
1:45 that walk tho hahah😂
Jabarri Robinson
Jabarri Robinson Pred 6 urami
U guys do a great job with these stories
Ut Lonnie
Ut Lonnie Pred 7 urami
2:47 me drawing at 3 in the morning be like
Everything About You Is So Sexy
What the heck
marvelous sphinx
marvelous sphinx Pred 7 urami
Wait she said her bodyguard bought her a coffee on her way to collage but was she in infiltrating the college because she barely applied at the end
Ashley torres zavala
its weird how she said her dad passed out in the title but says almost passed out and then has nothing to do with the title
Crystal Turner
Crystal Turner Pred 7 urami
Emma Miller
Emma Miller Pred 7 urami
"Sit you FOOL! You are my date!" This killed me! I'm in the grave
Samantha Cyprien
Samantha Cyprien Pred 8 urami
Fingers in your ears and make the lala sound Lalalalalalalala aye what Lalalalalalalala hah freak it up Bitch
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj Pred 7 urami
Your are spoiled your and dads not even evil just over protective.
Luther Morris Jr
Luther Morris Jr Pred 8 urami
5:40 what is that picture !?!
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj Pred 7 urami
The bodyguard is secretly drake
Galamates 33
Galamates 33 Pred 9 urami
The art is cringy
Dacian gaming
Dacian gaming Pred 9 urami
Grace Garcia
Grace Garcia Pred 10 urami
All the pics of her in different situations were just her tits tho
Alejandra Andrade
Alejandra Andrade Pred 11 urami
Good story
Nahum Tt
Nahum Tt Pred 11 urami
I would kick and punch you're dad in the face (HARD)
GG_Gamer Fan
GG_Gamer Fan Pred 12 urami
Teek THA L
Gabrielle braswell
Gabrielle braswell Pred 12 urami
What the hell was that 1:56
Jackie Moose72
Jackie Moose72 Pred 13 urami
Wow she’s rich. But her daddy won’t buy her a spray tan job.
Olivia Bangs
Olivia Bangs Pred 13 urami
Why were all the photos of her upper chest? Antonio has some explaining to do
FabDul Pred 13 urami
Jennifer Sanchez
Jennifer Sanchez Pred 13 urami
Anyone notice Mona Lisa in the back????
Layfield Claire
Layfield Claire Pred 13 urami
I think i saw adam and eve eating in the garden
300 subscribers before New Years
Use me as the”WTF” button
U Thot u could
U Thot u could Pred 14 urami
The bodyguard is secretly drake
Allen Cabello
Allen Cabello Pred 14 urami
Your are spoiled your and dads not even evil just over protective.
qt_citrine_xx Pred 15 urami
Gipsy Wells
Gipsy Wells Pred 15 urami
Anybody else realized the boy who stood outside the window at the girls moms house 😂😂
JJoohhnn_ Playz
JJoohhnn_ Playz Pred 15 urami
That one guy looking through the window at here moms house
LIAM PAGORIA Pred 15 urami
My name is liam
cammi gacha
cammi gacha Pred 15 urami
This add is FOREVER I'm thinking to switch different videos
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams Pred 16 urami
That's he firkin deserves
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith Pred 17 urami
He a damn perv
Ky Ky
Ky Ky Pred 17 urami
sophia. castro
sophia. castro Pred 17 urami
Im wheezing- 7:54
A’niya Scott
A’niya Scott Pred 17 urami
She kinda look like Bella thorne
ayoola jolaawo
ayoola jolaawo Pred 18 urami
Her:LOveLy fAce waS a bIg smIlE" Me: gurl he looks like he wants to kill u 😂 4:57
Kurt Thomas
Kurt Thomas Pred 19 urami
YaraVlogz Pred 20 urami
5:44 why does the poster in the background makes me so uncomfortable
nikolikj mihajlo
nikolikj mihajlo Pred 20 urami
how that rocket not rip through when your mom protect you???!!!
With The Richers
With The Richers Pred 20 urami
helly s dad is cucu crazy
Scintillating Vinnie
haridoss cheenu
haridoss cheenu Pred 21 uro
ElectricMistGames Pred 21 uro
Is no one gonna mention the weird guy with the camera as a head
My Dad - Storytime
My Dad is A Liar!