NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | November 14, 2019 

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Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Nov. 14 featuring Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis, Jrue Holiday and more!
NBA ON ESPN- Friday- November 15th
Grizzlies @ Jazz 8:00pm ET
Celtics @ Warriors 10:30pm ET
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15. nov. 2019

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SuperRip7 Pred 12 dnevi
2:16 is the basket. 11-28-19.
Odell Beckham
Odell Beckham Pred 20 dnevi
Y'all really did this to my man. Don't let the comments get to you and just keep doing your thing. I need my number one tonnes of fun!
Dominic John
Dominic John Pred 20 dnevi
Hey chillmentator. You are good at commentating basketball.
bronzefighta Pred 22 dnevi
Oh yeah me over hear blastin' deltaparole to this right of this time
Broth Turner
Broth Turner Pred 24 dnevi
LiAngelo ball is going #1
BiG JuiCe
BiG JuiCe Pred 24 dnevi
He sounds like a 2k my player.😂
thetramp123 Pred 24 dnevi
How do you not put Morris step back three to win that Knicks game on this?
Mike Swift
Mike Swift Pred 24 dnevi
Trae Young should be careful with Baynes. 😁
mtRHd Pred 24 dnevi
Ray Bourgeois
Ray Bourgeois Pred 24 dnevi
Coldmentator Sickmentator Sadmentator Depressmentator
Darren Mcclean
Darren Mcclean Pred 24 dnevi
This guys the most boring host iv ever heard
Homer Osuna
Homer Osuna Pred 25 dnevi
Never heard again of the pirate commentator.
SAFN Pred 25 dnevi
This is better than ASMR put me right to sleep. Thanks NBA
Andreas agung
Andreas agung Pred 25 dnevi
left hand
Александр Акимов
I love this game... 4 sure....
Yannis Karhas
Yannis Karhas Pred 25 dnevi
Oh my god, we did this to him.He became the depressmentator
cheruzaleming Pred 25 dnevi
felt his pain in his voice when he talked about Bulls living with rejection. perhaps Cringementator wants to open up?
Moises Sobrepena
Moises Sobrepena Pred 25 dnevi
Chill bro never mind haters say! P.S I miss the old you brother hope you notice
Garos Gsfd
Garos Gsfd Pred 25 dnevi
Fear the Greek deer
Njabuloseh Pred 25 dnevi
This voice over is sucking the life out of these highlights 💔
no future at all
no future at all Pred 25 dnevi
Top to win no more
Angelo emmanuel
Angelo emmanuel Pred 25 dnevi
that buzzer beater is ice cold. oof
Chris Taggart
Chris Taggart Pred 25 dnevi
Dang... depressedmentator
K Gaming
K Gaming Pred 25 dnevi
I can do better job..give me ur job..
John Gotti
John Gotti Pred 25 dnevi
Who is this guy commentating?!?🤔
siieji 17
siieji 17 Pred 25 dnevi
Wtf happened to our cringementator???
Bran Don
Bran Don Pred 25 dnevi
I almost slept watching this vid...
Papa Emo TV
Papa Emo TV Pred 25 dnevi
Thorne Granderson
Thorne Granderson Pred 25 dnevi
Man what did we do to this guy I feel bad now. Maybe he was hyper because he has an hyper disorder.
CivilizedAge Daily
CivilizedAge Daily Pred 25 dnevi
Thorne Granderson Apparently not
Professor Like
Professor Like Pred 25 dnevi
Travel so much.... #6 watch slow mo lol he always travels 3 steps everytime how do they not see this wtf no wonder he can get to the rim
Brian Vaughan
Brian Vaughan Pred 25 dnevi
I've never fell asleep during a highlight video before
D4rkn3ss Pred 25 dnevi
bro, he sounds depressed. That's sad.
Banks the halo great
Banks the halo great Pred 25 dnevi
Sad Rubio started that move😂 and this has to be the laziest souding countdown ever🤷🏽‍♂️😴
wally1979 Pred 25 dnevi
I'm ok with this, Didn't mute it,,, kept on watching. finally.... no more cringe!
John Edward Palencia
John Edward Palencia Pred 25 dnevi
Lucas R
Lucas R Pred 25 dnevi
Smh this guys just doing his job why u gotta hate
lardotx Pred 25 dnevi
Sounding like a jazz or soft rock dj.
Jay Sang
Jay Sang Pred 25 dnevi
i used to watch top 10 alot back then but since having this lazy ass voices from commentators makes u lazy to watch
Lucas R
Lucas R Pred 25 dnevi
Where is Marcus Morris's game winner?
Lazyeye_o Pred 25 dnevi
Bröther you’re the cringementator, own that shit Keep the skrrts and “Throw it up, throw it UUUUP!” Those lines are signature man
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