Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Dodge Charger Police Car Part 13 

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She Rips!!!! The 2018 Dodge Charger Police car is finally tuned and full of power and fun. This thing is such a blast to drive and we can't wait to tear it up at the track. We have always wanted to rebuild a police car and now it happened, plus it has boost. What more could you ask for? Be sure to stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!
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7. nov. 2019

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NEMAIA TEKIU Pred 6 urami
10+ builds lesshgoo
Jean Pinto
Jean Pinto Pred 7 urami
Where is the costum huracan?
Ben Ellis
Ben Ellis Pred 14 urami
What happened to the boat do a video over it
Deans garage
Deans garage Pred 15 urami
The boat
FilipeLima Pred 16 urami
What about the kit car? Haven’t seen that bad boy in a long time!!
Husky Husky
Husky Husky Pred 16 urami
To turn traction control completely off you have to keep holding the traction control button while you turn the car on and keep it holding the traction control until it shows on the dash
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez Pred 18 urami
You should do an update at the property! Show us the progress as it gets built :)
hinsonian Pred 18 urami
I think you're going to rust out that charger bearing if it's exposed to the elements, recommend covering that vent with this: slvid.info/video/mat2yJ_Rbdec0a8.html
Boosted Damo
Boosted Damo Pred 19 urami
Pistons hit valves not spark plugs
TODO HONDA Pred 19 urami
Because all youtubers work in the same cars it will be possible to camp their followers sometime I would like to see them do something with a honda accord 2000
Panther Freelancers
Panther Freelancers Pred 22 urami
The wheels are ugly..get something else
KEVIN FRINK Pred 22 urami
Autolite plugs🤢🤢
CZZA Pred 22 urami
you just admitted you haven’t done spark plugs on the hellcat yet 😂😂🤣🤣
Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia Pred 22 urami
Guys what happened with the custom car based on the flamed lambo?
Automobile Universe
Automobile Universe Pred 23 urami
We want Nissan build .. That 5000 dollar one
Travis Hoffman
Travis Hoffman Pred 23 urami
don't sell the gmc
Brayan Conde
Brayan Conde Pred dnevom
Should've procharged the mustang
Rob Canadianguy
Rob Canadianguy Pred dnevom
Can’t Run from the Po Po .... omg so funny
Mike Pred dnevom
How many cars do you have goonzquad?
dayton london
dayton london Pred dnevom
I've had nothing but problems out of my atuo light spark plugs
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan Pred dnevom
U say ur getting rid of the truck and getting a little truck, well what are u going to pick ur new builds up with, a Chevy Colorado? I don’t think so, u shouldn’t have lifted that truck up as far as u did! If u would’ve went with like a simple 2-3 in lift that could fit 35’s under it that would’ve been perfect! Then u can still pull ur builds home without having to worry about shitty gas mileage!! Hell those GMC’s are sick as hell looking in stock trim anyways!!!! But love the channel fellas keep up the amazing work!!! U NEED TO DO A NEWER FORD RAPTOR!!! And that’s what u could’ve done crazy suspension on and all that!!!!
Arjun Naidu
Arjun Naidu Pred dnevom
I like ur videos and collection car of are super
C-10_4_ lyfe
C-10_4_ lyfe Pred dnevom
Prolly just blew through the convertor instead of spinning
Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner Pred dnevom
When did he get married?
Dalori Pred dnevom
please we need an update on the costume build super car from the lamborghini parts car.
armancha23 Pred dnevom
mind blown, never heard of x2 plug per! Time to kick the tires and light the fires!
Mycah Brooks Jr.
Mycah Brooks Jr. Pred dnevom
Soooo what about the Camaro
Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson Pred dnevom
These guys have very little mechanical knowledge but damn can they do some good driveway body work
Jeff T.
Jeff T. Pred dnevom
You need to challenge Cletus to a race with neighbor and maybe Uncle Sam also. That would be epic 3 performance cop cars with 3 makers!!
the Warrior
the Warrior Pred dnevom
Y’all should do another mustang build I love that car my favorite build y’all have ever did look forward to seeing it more 😎🔥
Mr. Pie
Mr. Pie Pred dnevom
this is what the cop cars from need for speed heat sound like
yung gunnyxx
yung gunnyxx Pred dnevom
“Private drag strip” *backyard*
Ivan Juarez
Ivan Juarez Pred dnevom
Hey guys I have a 2019 Nissan Sentra sr turbo I was wondering if you guys can help me modify
Kuno K*ssehår
Kuno K*ssehår Pred dnevom
Marco Troitino
Marco Troitino Pred dnevom
Add 4 slicks to it, would look insane
JacAndalis Pred dnevom
You guys forgot to do a build update on the boat!
vmac805 Zero
vmac805 Zero Pred dnevom
8:42 when u cum and she keeps sucking lol 😂
S gill
S gill Pred dnevom
Take it up past 5000rpm the supercharger will kit in full after 5k
S gill
S gill Pred dnevom
Email johan diablotoona he will email tune with you guys over data logs
S gill
S gill Pred dnevom
Procharger tunes are garbage
Gregory Nie
Gregory Nie Pred dnevom
Guys love the content , but how about some car covers for the vehicles outside?!.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Pred dnevom
Do a JDM truck build on an old 2 door truck ! A Nissan
Nick SRT
Nick SRT Pred dnevom
The engine will be running leaner because the stock tune can’t compensate for the extra air from the blower. New tune fixed that.
Yummitummi Pred dnevom
Do u guys still have the Burt huracán that is the custom supercar and the boat
revistadearmas Pred dnevom
I bet the hell 🐈 takes 4 ⚡️ x cylinders a total of 32 iridium suckers “She blows she goes” t shirt coming
Dathrasher Pred dnevom
I literally watch every Video and didn’t know they sold the 2 Jeep builds
Mahmoud Jaber
Mahmoud Jaber Pred dnevom
Car meet with your cars guys would be awesome
The Sxt Show
The Sxt Show Pred dnevom
@goonzquad I am wondering if you guys can help me rebuild a charger scat pack? Just need tips on what to start on
Lance Opperude
Lance Opperude Pred dnevom
What I wanna know is WHERE IN THE HELL do the get all their money?!?!?
Wesley DuCharme
Wesley DuCharme Pred dnevom
Every Hemi has 2 sparkplugs per cylinder
steed Scutt
steed Scutt Pred dnevom
You guys need to get the shop done to get these cars out the elements
Keith Revst
Keith Revst Pred dnevom
you should build a nissan titan
Miguel Figueroa
Miguel Figueroa Pred dnevom
They will twin turbo the lambo
TheGiant Gaming
TheGiant Gaming Pred dnevom
Actually a couple goons fucking around with cars. Could use some extra iq's tho. Cilinders hitting spark plugs lmao.
John Wilt
John Wilt Pred dnevom
You can just gift me that hellcat😎
Victor. GTO
Victor. GTO Pred dnevom
What about the Camaro?
Evan Fowler
Evan Fowler Pred dnevom
Wheres the camaro ?
S Cornoyer
S Cornoyer Pred dnevom
Cory Langford
Cory Langford Pred dnevom
Guess the custom lambo is out the question
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