Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Dodge Charger Police Car Part 13 

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She Rips!!!! The 2018 Dodge Charger Police car is finally tuned and full of power and fun. This thing is such a blast to drive and we can't wait to tear it up at the track. We have always wanted to rebuild a police car and now it happened, plus it has boost. What more could you ask for? Be sure to stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!
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7. nov. 2019

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Jalen Johnson
Jalen Johnson Pred dnevom
how much to fix my 2002 Malibu and to get it a tune?
Jalen Johnson
Jalen Johnson Pred dnevom
it just cuts off on me idk what’s wrong
alcocer Alcocer
alcocer Alcocer Pred 6 dnevi
James Stefanik
James Stefanik Pred 8 dnevi
Do a tow truck
Sanjush Pred 9 dnevi
Change the wheel rim broo!!!
brandon persohn
brandon persohn Pred 12 dnevi
what happened to the cage that u were going to put in the back
daniel linville
daniel linville Pred 21 dnevom
How to buy the car
Diego Backwood
Diego Backwood Pred 22 dnevi
Don’t sell your cars :(
Nabil Nazri
Nabil Nazri Pred 23 dnevi
I dont understand how can you just put that all 3 beauty angel outside being all dusty hahaha.
Tyce snow
Tyce snow Pred 24 dnevi
TEComplex TEcomplex
TEComplex TEcomplex Pred 28 dnevi
And you guys are proper yehaws
TEComplex TEcomplex
TEComplex TEcomplex Pred 28 dnevi
Where police sirens added? If not how that police car?
JCASTRO performance FITNESS Peruvian
Yo was up! Great build. Take it to a road trip. You're new supercharge hem. all wheel drive X cop car.
Nicr Jxbb
Nicr Jxbb Pred 29 dnevi
I watched all videos and on the last one I thought, wait, is this illegal?
Andrew Stemmet
Andrew Stemmet Pred 29 dnevi
Hi i am andrew stemmet i was wondering how much is the Nissan GTR for sale and how much is the dodge for sale
SAJID MALIK Pred mesecem
are you two brothers?
Christian Alcasabas
Christian Alcasabas Pred mesecem
daniel martinez
daniel martinez Pred mesecem
X-comp has good tires if you guys are still looking for some
Andrakann Pred mesecem
Что-то новая прошивка не впечатлила на заднем дворе, с оригинальной полицейской резче срывался... Возможно зацеп был получше (посуше), а может тюнеры копов тоже не лаптем щи хлебают.
matt sedgwick
matt sedgwick Pred mesecem
i know this vid is old did you put the cage back in and yes the hellcat has 2 per cylcinder they are all hemi's it doesn't matter
anthony conley
anthony conley Pred mesecem
Why you throwing your hand around so much?
Monica Johnson
Monica Johnson Pred mesecem
what about the trailer truck behind the garage
Miraclechrysler quetulio
Try to put it on yoir lambo
Richard Koon
Richard Koon Pred mesecem
Love it. The ol gal back to the one who wrecked it and get his approval. Thanks for the videos.
Donald Lee Grim
Donald Lee Grim Pred mesecem
Clayton Noonan
Clayton Noonan Pred mesecem
Nobody else had they keep calling the turbo a superchar her
Geometry Dash Majesty
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="526">8:46</a> WHAT A EDIT
Ricky Bennett
Ricky Bennett Pred mesecem
What you should do is put a cb in that empty spot that is where the police radio go’s get a galaxy 88 just put it In make it look more beautiful
Christy M
Christy M Pred mesecem
Go to the Dino the
maziar jadidi
maziar jadidi Pred mesecem
their names is duuuuuudddddeeeee
Red Dwarf
Red Dwarf Pred mesecem
What happened to the rear window luvers?
Jimmy loven
Jimmy loven Pred mesecem
Love it
Wesley Horrell
Wesley Horrell Pred mesecem
Awesome vid guys, thanks for build updates. My son was asking where the kit car and the camaro went? Did you guys sell them?
Reynold Burgin
Reynold Burgin Pred mesecem
Would you guys sell that car
Shiva Sundar
Shiva Sundar Pred 2 meseci
How y’all afford all them cars???
GS Army
GS Army Pred 2 meseci
why don't you guys cover your cars
nope Pred 2 meseci
do it right and put a setina pushbar on it, far more aggressive.
Carlos gomez
Carlos gomez Pred 2 meseci
Do the new Ford Ranger or bronco new fan.
kevin laurence japay
kevin laurence japay Pred 2 meseci
You guys got plenty of cash eh. Haha. Keep up goonpzquad.💯
Bilal Ali
Bilal Ali Pred 2 meseci
Please change the rims
Albert Bustos
Albert Bustos Pred 2 meseci
Whatever happened to your dads,truck
Travis Mayberry
Travis Mayberry Pred 3 meseci
How much for the hellcat?
Ben Kempa
Ben Kempa Pred 3 meseci
Buys an OEM bumper for the Nissan, yet went aftermarket for the charger front bumper
dens bernard
dens bernard Pred 3 meseci
How much did everything cost u
Graeme Healey
Graeme Healey Pred 3 meseci
Love it
Captian Dan
Captian Dan Pred 3 meseci
for sale ???
Warren Keene
Warren Keene Pred 3 meseci
Guys really, Autolite in a Mopar. SMFH
Liams Lexus Build
Liams Lexus Build Pred 3 meseci
All those cars and all that YT Revenue but no car covers for each car just letting them get stained under trees by leaves
Liams Lexus Build
Liams Lexus Build Pred 3 meseci
autolites are straight trash
James St. John
James St. John Pred 3 meseci
Y’all need to take this to the drag strip
beau mcmaster
beau mcmaster Pred 3 meseci
u should build a big garage for all your cars
Mick Kingston
Mick Kingston Pred 3 meseci
Let your cop friend drive the super dodge charger, and see what he thinks of the build 😎👍😂😂😂🇬🇧
koko kiki
koko kiki Pred 3 meseci
plzzz give me one car..
Ryan Butterly
Ryan Butterly Pred 3 meseci
S what was like get reg at the dmv? Show off to local cops??
Michael Lalor
Michael Lalor Pred 3 meseci
Car bad!!! Need it little louder lol
Michael Lalor
Michael Lalor Pred 3 meseci
I love every video mon I watch everything love this
Cedrick Hilaire
Cedrick Hilaire Pred 3 meseci
What is dat green beam
oldtimer_sale instagram
You nide open garage for your car,just a roof... nice idea for turbo😎😆
Arturo Fernadez
Arturo Fernadez Pred 4 meseci
You guys are so smart
Russell Davis
Russell Davis Pred 4 meseci
you guys need to invest in some carcovers!!!
Code 3 Gaming
Code 3 Gaming Pred 4 meseci
Race it on the Drag strip
Face Clan Modern Warfare MW
I only wish can you do my police Pursuit I'm in Jackson tn
michael nunn
michael nunn Pred 4 meseci
You guys need your own television show👍👍👍
zoovier tech
zoovier tech Pred 4 meseci
You are bother?
mrmotofy Pred 4 meseci
Build a Colorado, cheap average vehicle millions have but can still look good
Raymond Cannon
Raymond Cannon Pred 4 meseci
What ever happened to the cage?
Trebor Robinson
Trebor Robinson Pred 4 meseci
Who in the hell just leaves there nice cars out in the elements like that.... & a drift track to silly.... Hell you need a place to park the damn cars.... That's that country mess right there!🤯🤦‍♂️😬
Katy Nunnery
Katy Nunnery Pred 4 meseci
Saint Gonzo
Saint Gonzo Pred 4 meseci
I live in Russell county and know the cop who hit the dear with that car while on a call. So cool to see something local on the goon squad
Ευαγγελος Νικηφορακης
Byron R.
Byron R. Pred 4 meseci
Now I would like to see a chase between the police charger and the "Evil " hellcat...in a safe place of course haha..Greetings from Costa Rica guys
UrbanParadise Pred 4 meseci
I personally think it looked classier without the side decals. Great series though guys. Really enjoyed
Alex Stoqnov
Alex Stoqnov Pred 4 meseci
What about the boat
mrs D 21
mrs D 21 Pred 4 meseci
Me want to buy that car
Christopher Kosky
Christopher Kosky Pred 4 meseci
poleetz car.........like yeetz car!
TeamGhostCompany Hazard
Waiting for the drag strip video
Acee Vee
Acee Vee Pred 4 meseci
What does clean title mean?? No accidents or anything for the car???
Maximilian Primus
Maximilian Primus Pred 5 meseci
Your contents are awesome. More power guys
kapiszon Pred 5 meseci
yo, i think you should buy some sick wheels peace !
Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee Pred 5 meseci
hey goonzquad how are you doing today
North Philly
North Philly Pred 5 meseci
These doods could say that they like corn on the cob n move there hands a hundred times during that sentence
Nuclear Fallout - Keemstar