Richard Hammond wants YOU to spec his new car 

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Go here to vote! drivetribe.com/p/i-need-you-to-help-me-spec-my-new-T-F9Uq85T3ag6rvsQoNIWg?iid=crKrDd0oRi2f0XS7ZrnIkQ
Richard Hammond has decided to buy another Morgan, the new Plus 6 to be exact. But he very much needs your help - he can’t decide what colour the interior should be! He has narrowed it down to two options - red or blue. Click the link below to cast your vote and have your say on Richard's future purchase! Oh, and enjoy his tour of the rather wonderful Morgan factory!
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6. nov. 2019

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Komentarjev 3 845   
4kino4 Pred 3 urami
Funny how the English like to make fools of themselves
Dom Degood
Dom Degood Pred 4 urami
Red, 2lt turbo, 4on the floor, 2 seat, roof removable.
TexMex Pred 8 urami
Have we learned nothing from BoatyMcBoatFace?
MiguelPpM Pred 8 urami
Blue was kinda okay.
Watches of London
Watches of London Pred 9 urami
Red for me
Paul Evans
Paul Evans Pred 9 urami
Is it only my imagination or is the short mans hair and beard getting darker with age ?...if he keeps going the same way and gets no sun, he will appear as if in black and white very soon, and OMG will he stop rabbiting and screaming please...awful...
Edward Kime
Edward Kime Pred 11 urami
Nabre Labre
Nabre Labre Pred 12 urami
2 cylinder steam engine with a quarter meter bore
Maximus S Wohler
Maximus S Wohler Pred 13 urami
I'd go with the blue hamster 🤜🏻🕉️🤛🏼
Veilingmeat Pred 13 urami
Red with diamond quilting... no question!
Константин Лакшеревич
They just forgot to take it out of production
laststopformadness Pred dnevom
Zac Wicks
Zac Wicks Pred dnevom
Quilted red looks properly villainous. That's my vote!
sparkyenergia Pred dnevom
Perhaps solve it with some colour therapy. In graphic design, Red is a colour of passion. Blue is a colour of trust. Alfa Romero's and Ferrari's are red because they want that passion and theatre. Subaru's are blue because they want the trust and dependable nature to be the selling point. What do you want from your Morgan? Passion and anger or a dependable friend?
Clarke Sheridan
Clarke Sheridan Pred dnevom
I like both but red is the one
Tony Romano
Tony Romano Pred dnevom
Blue for me
Tanmay Jamwal
Tanmay Jamwal Pred dnevom
8 minutes...perfect time for a vid
Ethan Glosky
Ethan Glosky Pred dnevom
Crème coloured interior, enough said.
Almedin Zivojevic
Almedin Zivojevic Pred dnevom
Red interior 👍
John Spo
John Spo Pred dnevom
I like the red better
suckerForPain Pred dnevom
Why does the WOODEN car at 2:58 have different front and back wheels?
Micke Eden
Micke Eden Pred dnevom
Chris Kay
Chris Kay Pred dnevom
On a modern car it’s red with black paintwork. But on this? It has to be the orange tan colour, it’s the only one that looks right on a classic looking car like this.
Mohsen digital
Mohsen digital Pred dnevom
Peder Stokkeland
Peder Stokkeland Pred dnevom
92ext Pred dnevom
i didnt like the rendering of the blue, but i like the actual look of the blue leather on the table, it would just need to be quilted like the red and then thats what i would choose.
Adam Thorne
Adam Thorne Pred dnevom
Carbz Pred dnevom
oh come on he could buy one in each color if he wanted ..
paal bekklund
paal bekklund Pred dnevom
You are the best on the planet to make this kind of films Richard! Black skin with racinggreen and white/silver stiches along with metal details. Or simply go red.
Kas1122 Pred dnevom
Air Canada 001
Air Canada 001 Pred dnevom
Put a big turbo lol
Philip Newnahm
Philip Newnahm Pred dnevom
Red with black stitches
Willem Kilian
Willem Kilian Pred dnevom
Nope, the red is definitely the best.
Potterp81 Pred dnevom
Hardly speccing his new car is it!
Spooky Guitar
Spooky Guitar Pred dnevom
Definitely brown
Alex Deng
Alex Deng Pred dnevom
Why don't you get a white interior.....to match your whitened teeth :-)
Nagytalop Pred dnevom
Putting a rodent in a wooden car is a pretty bad idea.
Christian James TAN
Sorry - big fan comment - you are my favourite host in Top Gear and the Grand Tour
joezephyr Pred 2 dnevi
Richard, instead of choosing between the red and the blue - get 2 of them.
James Vavassori
James Vavassori Pred 2 dnevi
Go with red
DavinSR5 Pred 2 dnevi
Do the green. It would look like an Andy's Candy on wheels.
Mr McBeardy
Mr McBeardy Pred 2 dnevi
Hammond, although the red and blue are nice options, i think from an aesthetic standpoint, the only choice is TAN (IMO). Gloss black bodywork with a tan interior just screams class. HOWEVER,since we only have the red or blue to choose from in this instance, i would go with the RED, as it looks sportier, and it looks more sophisticated than the blue. Blue on black is just a bit boring tbh mate.
Max Prybylo
Max Prybylo Pred 2 dnevi
Loved the car until I saw how they spell color
Alex French
Alex French Pred 2 dnevi
Colour is the correct way
Jason Titley
Jason Titley Pred 2 dnevi
Caramel is the choice.
pelayovarela Pred 2 dnevi
Make it deep rich racing green and red interior
Chris Zelt
Chris Zelt Pred 2 dnevi
Tony Main
Tony Main Pred 2 dnevi
It needs to be un-realistic mid-life crisis black with no grey streaks in it at all
Equalizer Pred 2 dnevi
Whatever man, as long as it´s called Carry McCarface
Emmet Norrell
Emmet Norrell Pred 2 dnevi
I’m thinking red
ygdrasul skärkja
ygdrasul skärkja Pred 2 dnevi
Jay101 Pred 2 dnevi
Red, Definitely red.
Marc Tettero
Marc Tettero Pred 2 dnevi
Think red will stay 'better' over time. What about the dark green of the chair you sat in at Morgan..?
THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio
Red all day long
glimmerman4hm Pred 2 dnevi
I'd prefer a green but between red and blue I pick blue.
Mark Pred 2 dnevi
blue but with the diamond stitching :-D
Ahmedali Tarajia
Ahmedali Tarajia Pred 2 dnevi
The deep green of the chair Hammond was in would've looked amazing. Not an option sadly.
Toxic4gaming _
Toxic4gaming _ Pred 2 dnevi
I vote red
Adaš Zegreat
Adaš Zegreat Pred 2 dnevi
Jay LeBlanc
Jay LeBlanc Pred 2 dnevi
Daniel Hambly
Daniel Hambly Pred 2 dnevi