Samsung S10 Lite & Note 10 Lite - The Confusing Truth. 

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Just before the Samsung Galaxy S11 / Galaxy S20 Unboxing, Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite - Welcome to my early Review of the Cameras, video quality, specs, features and more!
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10. jan. 2020

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Komentarjev 2 683   
Mrwhosetheboss Pred 8 dnevi
A lot of people have pointed out that the next Galaxy S phones will be the S20. I'm aware, and this is looking likely, I just didn't want to make a potentially confusing video more confusing for people who didnt hear about this, so I've referred to them as the S11 phones. After watching the video, which one would YOU pick between the two? To take a look at the new OnePlus smartphone: slvid.info/video/2ouL25zJrq6wvbs.html
FIRE Pred 4 dnevi
btw, can't wait for the s11 plus
FIRE Pred 4 dnevi
I would pick the Note 10 Lite but, in reality, I'm going to buy the S11 Ultra
Phuck Hugh
Phuck Hugh Pred 4 dnevi
How does an S10 lite stack up agaisnt an Galaxy A51?
Natsume Nazreen
Natsume Nazreen Pred 5 dnevi
I rather choosing both phones so I can use for gaming & texting.
fawsiya clarise
fawsiya clarise Pred 6 dnevi
giveaway plss🤩
Praful Patro
Praful Patro Pred uro
Nice video brother I encourage you not to cease and carry on with striking videos
Lucky B
Lucky B Pred 5 urami
You didn't explain at all how it's different than the S10e. This smells of marketing bullshit. I think they f*cked up by calling it the S10e and should've went with calling it the "Lite" originally and you're helping them sell these things in a not so obvious way. How much did they pay you for this "commercial"?
Shreyas Yadav
Shreyas Yadav Pred 5 urami
At such a high price, Glasstic is a letdown .. metal body would be great at such price
Nick Ackerman
Nick Ackerman Pred 7 urami
Thanks for the feature! Great video!
Soouupz Pred 9 urami
The a71 is the s10 lite but with a different design on the back change my mind
Michael Groenendijk
Michael Groenendijk Pred 13 urami
S10 is now cheaper than the lite one XD That's not gonna work!
Garrick Kidd
Garrick Kidd Pred 15 urami
Thought the s10e was the lite version lol
Player9999 Pred 12 minutami
Honestly same lol, I got the S10e a year ago and i think it still compares to the Lite ones.
irvandy Pred 16 urami
So its basically... new old phones?
Moonshine Pred 17 urami
Looks more like a S11ee
Amr Tomoq
Amr Tomoq Pred 18 urami
but why f2.0
Nick's Channel
Nick's Channel Pred 18 urami
Why did the s10 lite have Hungarian text on it?
Biswajit Das Das
Biswajit Das Das Pred 22 urami
Can you make a video on compare OnePlus 7 pro and s10 lite
TTv_3lazE Pred 22 urami
Samsung: look at these two pictures Me: ok..? Samsung: *shows samsung a71 and s10 lite * Me: they're the same picture
Guru Praveen
Guru Praveen Pred dnevom
Osm video bro ♥️💓😘
Sooraj Suresh
Sooraj Suresh Pred dnevom
Please give me a phone with good features....i dont have a good phone😞
John Salvatore
John Salvatore Pred dnevom
Only people like us who watch videos about this type of content and those in the "Know" will understand which model to purchase which is still confusing. I think its a very bad idea for Samsung to Market the different tier models so similar. Most people don't want to understand this level of detail when purchasing a phone believe it or not and I think will give the "S" brand a lower rating over all as most people won't know the difference between them and so this will make the "S" brand less attractive or make the brand seem cheap. Keep it Simple Samsung, if your going to have so many different models give them clear distinction or the masses will just blend the cheaper versions with the Flagships and give the brand a bad name.
Daniel Bemis
Daniel Bemis Pred dnevom
The Note10 Lite is for Europe and S10 is for America. Since Europe gets the crap processors. The glastic is awesome I would prefer it because of the feel and price. Also, Samsung since you can make a phone with a removal battery waterproof please do so for the Lite version in the future :). That way I can get all the features reviewers dislike and have a cheaper phone that is virtually the same for half the price. Features I want on my Samsung Phone to make it cheaper Glastic Headphone Jack Removal battery with a waterproof phone. Smaller 5.8 screen Flat Amoled Screen without the Curved edges S10e Screen for example. No Wireless Charging USB C 25 watt charging is fine 4000 Mah Battery NO Macro or Telephoto camera Only the main camera with OIS and Wide Angle also with OIS No Bixby Button Fingerprint sensor on back to make it easy to open from my pocket No Iris Sensor or 3D face unlock Use the rotating camera from the A80 Radio All the average sensors the Galaxy S9 has Android 10 with one UI 2.0
AK 47
AK 47 Pred dnevom
Nice, video. Also, you lowkey have a good clear voice.
Christian Voller
Christian Voller Pred dnevom
Went from a Note 8 to an A70. Installed a Google camera.apk and it is awesome. A quarter of the price of a premium and I actually prefer it.
Ankur Cool
Ankur Cool Pred dnevom
Hi. I want you to compare main camera & telephoto cameras of note 10 lite vs oneplus 7t/ pro vs Oppo Reno 2 vs iphone 11 pro. I want to see if note 10 lite is as competent as others. I have specifically asked to exclude Wide angle here.
Elmer Pred dnevom
Still note lite on the budget.
Gary Z
Gary Z Pred dnevom
could you please tell us that "a sub would be 'great' or 'appreciated' rather than "amazing'?" god i hate when you say that.
tim paulin
tim paulin Pred dnevom
Are these phones wireless charging it would make sense if these phones are going to be wireless charging and that we're coming into the Decade of the 5G
Andrea D
Andrea D Pred 2 dnevi
Can you do a comparison video of the notes 9 and 10 vs the note lite?
Sydney Milagro
Sydney Milagro Pred 2 dnevi
So im guessing i shouod stay with my Note 9 a year longer?... lol
Aldy P
Aldy P Pred 2 dnevi
They should've made the older flagships cheaper, not making a new model.
New hd movies #
New hd movies # Pred 2 dnevi
Brother i need any smartphone please give away a phone ti me
Danky Ducky
Danky Ducky Pred 2 dnevi
Can’t wait for the samsung galaxy lite plus mini max ab69 S pro
User1010 Pred 2 dnevi
I can see the flickering of Samsung AMOLED screen, I have the S10... They say "best display on the market"... Well, might be the most bright one but it hurts and makes my eyes tired very fast so it's not that good...
Dávid Virág
Dávid Virág Pred 2 dnevi
0:43 It says műsorújság which is a hungarian word. I am confused.
Timeyin Sholaye
Timeyin Sholaye Pred 2 dnevi
Samsung is retarded. Their S line is meant to be their premium line. What's the point of the A series then?
Matthew Lemmers
Matthew Lemmers Pred 2 dnevi
Honestly depends what Samsung chooses to charge for them. If they are under the 600 dollar range brand new then I can see the reason for them existing. Otherwise what is the point buying any of these when you can buy the better construction Galaxy phones of last year for the same price.
Amandre Clarke
Amandre Clarke Pred 2 dnevi
🤷🤯 Confusing as hell. I can’t keep up. Too much damn phones, no wonder updates are a nightmare.Samsung get your shxt together. You could learn a thing or two from apple.
igi Pred 2 dnevi
amazing vid with a lot of explanation, so thanks a lot man!!!!i will not gonna buy one of these for sure :D going to stick up with my S10e and wait what's going to happen with the S12/S21 models :)
Southern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere Pred 2 dnevi
Those weird transitions are kind or throwing me off to the next point of each feature or reason. "LET ME SHOW YOU." or "Ima show you", or "Here is the reason why I may know." Just give us the features which it offers and doesn't. Like This is 3 minutes video.
Sivakumar P
Sivakumar P Pred 2 dnevi
Hi there, the truth is that samsung will introduce a roadmap with the aim to earn profits, so the plan could be like first they introduce a flagship when this is pivotal and doing just fine, they reduce the aesthetics and optimize the budgeting such that its moved to budget mid range segment as lite or flagship trimmed down "FTD", but as customers will not hesitate to make the FTDs an optional may be first but post reviewers teasers will not hesitate to buy it after FTD comes good at an affordable budget, and end of the sales roadmap the brand is profitable beyond its prediction, this is what their math, even apple did try but not matched to Samsung's marketing strategy, proof is iPhone 5C which is priced not in budget but poor build and lost in design , now its understood why samsung wins every time, nowadays none except americans are with iPhone, but soon this will change, like Motorola was once pride of technology in usa and ROW, need to learn from Koreans, and same they do in manufacturing, food and so on
zBjQrn Pred 2 dnevi
The camera looks like an iPhone
MW2mostwanted Pred 2 dnevi
I use to think iPhone pro camera bump looks ugly now it looks gorgeous after seeing Samsung camera bump setup at the back, WHY SAMSUNG WHY??? I hope they don't mess up the note series or I'm done with Samsung.
Aryo P
Aryo P Pred 2 dnevi
I'm confuse as well.. May be it's a S10 version for China market to beat their xiaomi/redmi flagship market.. Yeah , it could be...
Oddly Pred 2 dnevi
Question Will you be able to charge your phone on the back of the device like the s10+
Goobweyn Media
Goobweyn Media Pred 2 dnevi
Dude has good content but his voice is annoying and sounds fake/forced.
TheGreatgan Pred 2 dnevi
Love the note 10 lite concept, just bit worry bout the choise of soc.
Nahida Fama
Nahida Fama Pred 3 dnevi
Why did Samsung make tooooooo many phones...can't make mind up which phone to get.
Team Kayser
Team Kayser Pred 3 dnevi
What do you all of the phones that you bought?
Divya Tanwar
Divya Tanwar Pred 3 dnevi
already did bro like your videos more than guruji
Eric Rosario
Eric Rosario Pred 3 dnevi
Great video
Ricardo Marti
Ricardo Marti Pred 3 dnevi
Do either have Samsung Pay?
JKOlite Pred 3 dnevi
Naah Ill stick to my xiaomi
Sharat Sharma
Sharat Sharma Pred 3 dnevi
Welcome to crazy world of samsung phones.it is turning into a mammoth gobbler.trying to gobble left,right,centre.a series,m series,s series,note series,lite series.seriously,a very hungry serial gobbler. Gotta be a lot of mish mash here & there,creating havoc in minds of confused consumers. Ps-forgot to add the Fold series.
kaj idzes
kaj idzes Pred 3 dnevi
not the S11.. its the S20 :P
Huzaif Ahmad
Huzaif Ahmad Pred 3 dnevi
Im definitely buy s10 lite
Nikolaus Alfonso
Nikolaus Alfonso Pred 3 dnevi
Such a weird new model
kemisola Ehindero
kemisola Ehindero Pred 3 dnevi
Abdulla A
Abdulla A Pred 3 dnevi
Samsung Galaxy S10 lite 52999 Rs
JAYESH MISHRA Pred 3 dnevi
•iLight •
•iLight • Pred 3 dnevi
“The iphone 11 cameras are ugly” they say
Michelle Vu
Michelle Vu Pred 2 dnevi
Young Fly
Young Fly Pred 3 dnevi
•iLight • ikr 😂
تحديات الزين و رتاج
All Samsung phones are horrible
Time Gudduji
Time Gudduji Pred 3 dnevi
Nice S10 lite
Rahul Patil
Rahul Patil Pred 3 dnevi
Mr boss tell Samsung to focus on software