Smartphone Durability Awards 2019! 

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We have reached the end of another year. Its time to assess the overall durability of all the 2019 smartphones! The great thing about phones, is that there are so many options out there, and there is something for everyone. What was your favorite phone of this year? Spoilers below!
Most repairable smartphone of 2019 Pixel 3a: slvid.info/video/pHmYs4a_fpWNzbM.html
Least repairable smartphone of 2019 Royole Flexpai: slvid.info/video/k3ef223Wm51r27M.html
Least repairable honorable mention iPhone's: slvid.info/video/rZ9otZmfepmo2sU.html
Most innovative Smartphone Nubia Z20: slvid.info/video/t5ajsmvUoM-h38k.html
Honorable Mention Blackview Max 1: slvid.info/video/wqqOuG3eq6uO1ck.html
Honeorable Mention Galaxy Fold: slvid.info/video/1Y920ZSumJKQldk.html
Best looking smartphone on the inside Galaxy A80: slvid.info/video/1WuJ2ou5hJie09E.html
Least durable smartphone: slvid.info/video/qG1-naGpd9hrndk.html
Honorable mention Pixel 4 XL: slvid.info/video/2q6ltIecjcSFurM.html
Most durable smartphone Pixel 3a: slvid.info/video/pKSCtYarqbKO26s.html
2018 Smartphone Durability Awards: slvid.info/video/sqCpp6upad-AqsU.html
2017 Smartphone Durability Awards: slvid.info/video/tqucmauXeNCCkqM.html
2016 Smartphone Durability Awards: slvid.info/video/kaR3zo7MeJ5u0dE.html
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13. jan. 2020

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did i ask
did i ask Pred dnevom
My friends sister broke a nokia
Mudita Waesnawa
Mudita Waesnawa Pred dnevom
agent 47 have a lot of smartphone..
pancakes3ful Pred dnevom
Projectors aren't new
Elias :3 Not Hacked
A80 and A80
hanson chen
hanson chen Pred dnevom
bet u guys cant beat my note 3 neo
Make For You
Make For You Pred dnevom
Lg V50 ThinQ Phone of Year 2019...
Drago from Bakugan
Drago from Bakugan Pred dnevom
People crying either iPhone 6s boi I don’t even have a phone that works with iOS 13 I’m using an iPod 6 gen losers
Rina Atmane Cherif
Rina Atmane Cherif Pred dnevom
Hi bro
Eric Pred dnevom
Huawei P30PRO is my favourite phone of all time at the moment
POP CORN Pred dnevom
*We need a medic! So many soldiers injured!*
Hamza Talaat
Hamza Talaat Pred dnevom
I got an A80 this year👍 3,700 mah battery, 48 MP cam
Daniel Roden
Daniel Roden Pred dnevom
asus zenfone 6. notchless screen is fantastic and the camera is great. micro sd, 5000mah battery, and a headphone jack are all features i wanted so yeah.
Mike Al-Assad Dungon
No award for the Top Flagship Killer Smartphone of 2019?
DanielJoseph Baker
DanielJoseph Baker Pred dnevom
Can u do vid on letsfit pro watch
ravi ranjan
ravi ranjan Pred dnevom
what about ROG2 ....i'm disappointed
Harshit Bajaj
Harshit Bajaj Pred dnevom
Can you give one of them to me..
Faaiz Kashif
Faaiz Kashif Pred 2 dnevi
Samsung a50 was the top specs phone with a mid range price so I should have been mentioned
harikrishna pulagara
Honor 9n
GSAA RAIN Pred 2 dnevi
Redouane Khaldi
Redouane Khaldi Pred 2 dnevi
*cries in LG K4*
Daniel Wood
Daniel Wood Pred 2 dnevi
Hi Zach. I just wanted to say that of all the people doing phone reviews and tear downs, yours are the most interesting.. you don't have that monosyllabic voice, that ends up becoming boring, and you do have humor in your reviews at times too. Should do more 😉
abdirahman bashir seed
please it is time for realme x2 pro
Fareed Ahmad
Fareed Ahmad Pred 2 dnevi
I use Mi 9T pro :)
S P Pred 2 dnevi
Give me p30 pro
Ripsie Pred 2 dnevi
Omg can i get that yellow iPhone 11 it doesn’t seem to be in any use??!!??
Rbindra Yadav Yadav
Rbindra Yadav Yadav Pred 2 dnevi
One plus 7t pro
niko bar
niko bar Pred 2 dnevi
Who thinks same 👍👍👍 this comment
niko bar
niko bar Pred 2 dnevi
S-41 was best with durability
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Pred 2 dnevi
SL DRUMMER Pred 2 dnevi
Note 10 plus 😍😍😍😍
Anto Here
Anto Here Pred 2 dnevi
Boss need a durability test on realme x2 pro master edition ...
Shahyan008 Pred 2 dnevi
Razer Phone 2
cyber 3930
cyber 3930 Pred 2 dnevi
I got the iPhone XR
sam adams
sam adams Pred 2 dnevi
Good to know. I recently purchased a pixel3 a for the wife. Good price too.
Babul Krishna
Babul Krishna Pred 2 dnevi
Kahara bada banda re
cyan Pred 2 dnevi
oh my god please bring back the teardown skins, i'm getting a new phone soon and really want a sick case for it
Kamm Prett
Kamm Prett Pred 2 dnevi
Gimme one of them😞
Izdeglavec 24
Izdeglavec 24 Pred 2 dnevi
I get S10 and it's so good
Extreme gamer
Extreme gamer Pred 2 dnevi
Make the skin for s20s
keelin farrell
keelin farrell Pred 2 dnevi
Smartphone Awards 2019 : iPad, Smart Watch, and Nintendo Switch Lite : *Am I a joke to you?*
FireGaming Pred 2 dnevi
Please bring back the Teardown cases and skins
Jacob Sholders
Jacob Sholders Pred 2 dnevi
I ended up getting the galaxy Fold the other day and I love it so far
Anil Kinikar
Anil Kinikar Pred 2 dnevi
Enjoyed the video. So many phones 😊
easierthanbreathing Pred 2 dnevi
Hardest to repair: All iPhones. *Hugh Jeffreys enters chat*
Azhar Mohideen
Azhar Mohideen Pred 2 dnevi
Too bad.. No comments about P30 Pro.., 😥
Haunting Spook
Haunting Spook Pred 3 dnevi
My favorite phone of 2019: *The Switch Lite*
Bulan 5
Bulan 5 Pred 3 dnevi
Duhh om Sayang Hpnya Mending Buat saya:v
CHARLES DAF Pred 3 dnevi
SLvid stopped recommending me your vids
Павел Дёмин
Отдай пожалуйста его мне
Dominik Rausch
Dominik Rausch Pred 3 dnevi
Someone talented should make a superhero based on him kind of like they make anime fights where he starts at level 1 and pulls out his stronger weapons, leaving scratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7 until inihalating the villain. I'd watch that.
Bharath Gowda D
Bharath Gowda D Pred 3 dnevi
Please check durable test on Realme X2Pro we are waiting.
Tommy Morris
Tommy Morris Pred 3 dnevi
Most flexible should def have been a rank for the iPad
Well who would have guessed you done did it 2018
Please test out the Kyocera duraforce 2
Visco Blogs
Visco Blogs Pred 3 dnevi
I got the 3a!
masterofallthings Pred 3 dnevi
Go Pixel 3a!
Pedro Thevenard
Pedro Thevenard Pred 3 dnevi
I got myself a regular S10 exynos and I have absolutely no complaints, I love this phone and will use it for the next few years.
Gifs Mix
Gifs Mix Pred 3 dnevi
hey can you send me one of those phones i am brook thanks
Anjan Irizarry
Anjan Irizarry Pred 3 dnevi
Man I would love to see a clear skin/case of a Razer phone 2, I'd kill anyone for one. Or pay the mad cash, which ever the Dbrand overlords and Zack prefer
Xander 310
Xander 310 Pred 3 dnevi
4:51 bengate has returned