The Mercedes-Benz 500E Is the Original Porsche Sedan 

Doug DeMuro
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The Mercedes-Benz 500E was the original Porsche sedan. Today I'm reviewing a 500E to explain what I mean, and to show you around a classic Mercedes in excellent condition. I'm also driving the 500E to show you what it's like on the road.
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7. jan. 2020

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cscac Pred 16 minutami
Don’t forget! The 500E had slightly different headlight lenses from lesser E classes!
Penguinn Pred 2 urami
Please! Doug needs millions of more viewers so he can afford pants that come all the way down his legs and a shirt with an actual collar. Oh, the humanity!
Jan Sergejeff
Jan Sergejeff Pred 7 urami
in my 1992 300CE24 the Phone is a Siemens, mounted in the right side of the centerconsole in a MB OEM holder. It works and i have a basic subscription in it ... just because... btw. the "Little man" ia anatomically in proportions with children 4-8 years old, it's not a man, it's a kid.
Tiago Moreira
Tiago Moreira Pred 10 urami
My 1985 w201 Also have One eletric mirror. Left mirror as manual 😂😂
d. dranner
d. dranner Pred 13 urami
Damn, I almost could afford one, thanks Doug!!! They just double!!!!!!!! After this😭
エディ Pred 17 urami
this mercedes looks like a panzer tank
Da Botz
Da Botz Pred 19 urami
Hmmm - most of the "Quirks" are just W124 standard equipment. My car has the same AC controls, side mirror controls and used to have a phone gear, but in a different place. It's just, mine is a 2 litres four bangers for the Italian market... 120 hp... I wish it was one of this.
DjAaronRussell Pred 21 uro
If I'm not mistaken Holden and Ford have been putting V8s in mid sized sedans since the 70s for the Australian market
Richard Oakes
Richard Oakes Pred dnevom
Lianne459 Pred dnevom
My 1990 560 SEC is much more beautiful than this one
Rimrock300 Pred 23 urami
But this is a E500 4 door sedan, a complete other model. Your comparison makes little sense. Anyway, we are all happy that you are not hating your SEC.
106000.00 Canadian. in 1992
SergeyForeman Pred dnevom
Хороший волчок)
Danijel Pred dnevom
There was a version of this car that was INDESTRUCTIBLE, it was W124 E250D. This guy could make up to 2 million kilometers with regular maintenance.
Matt Sivad
Matt Sivad Pred dnevom
Doug is the type of guy that still let's his mother dress him and buy his wardrobe.
Fire Starter
Fire Starter Pred dnevom
I cringe every time when I hear you say Porsche the way you do
KingRichard Pred dnevom
The 500E is amazing, and despite being in the same vehicle class as the e34 M5, I can’t compare the two. I like them both equally for totally different reasons. The 500E is like the perfect highway cruiser with its healthy V8 and automatic, and the M5 is all about fun with the amazing I6 and manual box. Love em bothZ
D'Arcy Barrett
D'Arcy Barrett Pred dnevom
Porche also made the Mazda 323F 2.0 v6 as well as the Audi RS 2 all great classics of the 90's
Bradley Cittel
Bradley Cittel Pred dnevom
Me: I found my next special occasion car Doug: These things are approaching $50K+ Me: oh never mind 😂
stadoblech Pred dnevom
"I personally just like the little man graphic" says dough in unsettling creepy way
Akhat Orazbekov
Akhat Orazbekov Pred dnevom
E class w124💪🏻
Akhat Orazbekov
Akhat Orazbekov Pred dnevom
John Paul
John Paul Pred 2 dnevi
Electrical nightmares.
john jay
john jay Pred 2 dnevi
*1990's BMW and Mercedes will run forever! I own one E34 520i made in 07.1990 with 300k kms.still runs no problems!*
Joseph Silberstein
Joseph Silberstein Pred 2 dnevi
Stop spreading Porsche bullshit. Porsche had nothing to do with R&D on this car. Their factory was just assembling it.
Rimrock300 Pred 22 urami
What is your sources? Easily available information says Porsche was hired to redesign the motor bay of of the W124 to accommodate for the 500 engine in addition to assemble the E500's
William Carroll
William Carroll Pred 2 dnevi
Would have loved to see them try one wiper for the headlights and two for the windshield.
Clavell Coleman
Clavell Coleman Pred 2 dnevi
I think those are collectors and they cost like about 50 Grand ... let me finish watching the video
wholeNwon Pred 2 dnevi
I had 2 E-Classes from the era: Lots of problems and several strandings despite the best maintenance. Can't imagine that a Porsche connection would improve reliability.
Rimrock300 Pred 22 urami
It is known the first years had a some electrical issues, like around 86-87 I've heard. My w124 '95 have never had any eletrical issues whatsoever. Just changing brakes, fluids and such, keep on rolling for 25 more years;) It's a 300 diesel. I've got little experience with the gasoline versions
GreenPoint Pred 2 dnevi
Look, its every's grandparents car
Lemmy D
Lemmy D Pred 2 dnevi
i drove one of these with the 250 5 cylinder diesel, with the CD changer and the cool red and green LEDs on the driver door and trunk lid from the remote in Vienna Austria for two years as a Taxi driver when I was young. What should Isay?Man... I loooooved it . :-D Keep up the good work Doug, big fan for many years, cheers from Europe.
dan Bogdan
dan Bogdan Pred 2 dnevi
How to get some hate: "GASOLINE BAD.ELECTRIC GOOD(forgetting the batteries)
DragosP Buc Ro
DragosP Buc Ro Pred 2 dnevi
Fun fact.....the prius was MADE of gold, it was in there just to get tinted windows so the owner wouldn't go blind
DragosP Buc Ro
DragosP Buc Ro Pred 2 dnevi
In '94 they changed to lettered classes.....w124 becoming w210(e class)....the w124 it's not really e-class, u would find that w124's with diesel engines would be 200d, for a mercedes enthusiast i sense a bit to much irony, consider that mercedes has brought in the last 30 years more safety and driving improvements than any other manufacturer. U scored the 500e next to porsche 928 and bentley......price gap @ new???
CheerUpPeople Pred 2 dnevi
No car beats E500 it is just pure porn when it comes to everything a true classic
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams Pred 3 dnevi
And who could forget the AMG HAMMER! www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a15141447/mercedes-benz-amg-hammer-archived-test-review/
CJ Pred 3 dnevi
Mercedes is overrated junk.
Anton R
Anton R Pred 3 dnevi
I wonder if anyone out there converted on of these old carphones into a bluetooth thing.
The Public Specter
The Public Specter Pred 3 dnevi
Doug, you need to hire a stylist friend.
boraepr Pred 3 dnevi
92-94 huh funny the title on mine says 1990
my lens
my lens Pred 3 dnevi
Very wierd US E class has no glovebox 🤔
Absoluteuno Pred 3 dnevi
Absoluteuno Pred 3 dnevi
Absoluteuno Pred 3 dnevi
Absoluteuno Pred 3 dnevi
when they did something I felt that
7 individual
7 individual Pred 3 dnevi
Great car! New benzes Will Never Be cool in films like These old ones
Mind Diet
Mind Diet Pred 3 dnevi
I don't mind owning one like this, it is one of my favorite cars of all times
Aaron Trupiano
Aaron Trupiano Pred 3 dnevi
notice how the windshield wiper moves? it also wipes the corners.
Alexandru Ionita
Alexandru Ionita Pred 3 dnevi
Love how a Porsche Panamera creeps in the shot when Doug shows how the rear sun shade operates :)
Toms Paupe
Toms Paupe Pred 3 dnevi
Stop tell wrong facts! Porsche just helped put this car together! All techologies was Mercedes! Porsche hasn't build anything for this mercedes! They just put it together by hands because mercedes has not experience in that!
Rimrock300 Pred 22 urami
Easily available information says Porsche was hired to help look at what needed to be redesigned in the w124 engine bay in order to fit the 500 engine, as Mercedes was to busy themselves, and then assemble the cars. Is this totally wrong? Did Mercedes do all the development, and just sent loads of parts and drawings over to Porcshe; 'here, assemble these parts' ?
Serujio Raiton
Serujio Raiton Pred 3 dnevi
a fucking prius....
Anton R
Anton R Pred 3 dnevi
Fear the Prius
clayson187 Pred 3 dnevi
Wanna check out a cool car with some headlight wipers? Check out a Saab 9-3 Viggen
zuti071 Pred 4 dnevi
PorshA !?
meihemi Pred 4 dnevi
Pure horseshit.
Noid Zoid
Noid Zoid Pred 4 dnevi
Got to drive one owned by an old doctor. For a car thats now 30 years old its the best riding car i’ve ever driven
Drifto-kun Pred 4 dnevi
LCdrDerrick Pred 4 dnevi
The mono wiper was the coolest thing, it had more power than early VW Golfs or Beetles. This was the last of the mighty Mercs, together with the Baby Benz, as we called the 190E (W201). Anything after them wasn't built to last anymore, wasn't built with this rigid quality understanding. This very thing or the Baby Benz with a Diesel engine can easily reach 1000.000km and does in Africa, in south-east Europe. Many of them are still driving there. This very E-class with the 3 liter engine was the must have for every better off, for every upper posh or wannabe daddy over here in Germany back then. Daddy is a dentist or a lawyer? Daddy had the E-class, but also bigger farmers did. To be honest, I hated the conservative car. I was so German, it was the pinnacle of Germanness, it stank of it miles against the wind and the 'performance model' didn't even have a star for the Punks to rip off. The M 5 had only 313 hp, from '92 on 340 hp but was waaay cooler. The bimmer's alloys alone! God these Mercs are so German, almost disgusting.
Aby Pred 4 dnevi
Doug You are wrong on the handling...I think even today no 3 volume car can take high speed tight highway corners like this car can...ive seen it with my own eyes flashign by when i was pushing really hard on My ferrari, from monaco to italy, and this 500 e passed me prolly 10 20 miles faster on a really tight corner, that large wheel base and its suspension, are a piece of art. This car shined in its time more than any GT.
Pollo Frito
Pollo Frito Pred 4 dnevi
17:52 What's embarrassing about owning these fine cars or owning 4 of them (all different ones, mind you)? I don't know why you'd be embarrassed. You should be embarrassed if you owned 4 Yugos.
Pollo Frito
Pollo Frito Pred 4 dnevi
Maybe it's just the quirky and featured way you talk. Anyway, love your videos, DOUG!
KV Pred 4 dnevi
It's a cool sedan but it's stupidly overpriced, good luck finding one for a good price.
KV Pred 22 urami
@Rimrock300 Sounds like you have no budget that's why you have to throw punches at me. I never said I couldn't afford one, I said it's overpriced. Besides, I'm not really interested to tell you the truth. Not really a Mercedes guy.
Rimrock300 Pred 22 urami
The car is correctly priced, they are sold all the time. Just overpriced compared to YOUR budget.
richgall63 Pred 4 dnevi
MB was merely attempting the same thing as they did @20yrs earlier with W109 6.3, shoehorning an oversized V8, only this time they subbed it out via Porsche. They were both equally (very) pricey, though the 6.3 was more exclusive(?), therefore sold more, like 6500. Not sure how many E500’s were ordered...
J E P E T I N Pred 4 dnevi
0:46 What kind of devil are you to wrap a mf Prius gold?