The Most Gullible Prison Guard Ever - Key & Peele 

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A prisoner plays mind games with the easily manipulated guard who’s been placed in charge of him.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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13. jan. 2020

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The Beat Go Off?
The Beat Go Off? Pred dnevom
Oksendal5 Pred dnevom
Hey you boys like lady boyz?
kars rock
kars rock Pred 2 dnevi
Willi S
Willi S Pred 2 dnevi
john david
john david Pred 4 dnevi
Come on my creative legally ethically crew let's peaceful celebrate if we did anything wrong
chris yonnes
chris yonnes Pred 45 minutami
I'm collecting timeless jokes I love collecting them cause you know Father God is a comedian lol😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😄😄😄😁😁😂😂😋😋😋😗😗😗😶😶😶😏😏😏🙄🙄🙄😌😌👻👻👻👽👽
ka ml
ka ml Pred 2 urami
All this in the space of 15 mins, deep the timestamps lmfao
Abanikannda james olawale
He reminds me of Steve from family matters
Allen Murgondy
Allen Murgondy Pred 2 urami
Well, these are the types that get the gov't jobs often, not the smart hard working college educated types.
Rafael Obusan
Rafael Obusan Pred 3 urami
Was he the guy who shot Darnell?
Segun Lawal
Segun Lawal Pred 3 urami
This is such a silly sketch! Ridiculous! “I don’t wanna take advantage of you”.....So silly
Awande Mngadi
Awande Mngadi Pred 4 urami
“you might as well ring the alarm...” Guard: Rings alarm. 😂😂😂😂
Sole Stash87
Sole Stash87 Pred 6 urami
Where’s will farrell??
Toreblood Doomwhisper
Guard is a rip off of BUBBLES TPB( trailer park boys )
Toreblood Doomwhisper
BUBBLES ITS BUBBLES TPB, im kinda angry right now
Ronnie Pred 8 urami
He's not the cell mate we asked for but definitely the prison guard we need.
P Delport
P Delport Pred 8 urami
I've been meaning to tell you guys that you're not funny in my opinion. At all. All you do is exaggerate a scene slightly and attempt to subvert expectations. It's not original or creative in any way. You don't write jokes. You have poorly written dialogue, and hope your exaggerations and production values cover up how truly unfunny this is. I've watched around 10 of your videos, and I know exactly what to expect. I haven't even smiled in any of them.
Kevin Sisseck
Kevin Sisseck Pred 8 urami
Now this is a winner a pro ,a perfect writer . I could set with this write and we would click . Wow .
embrezar Pred 8 urami
Isn't the flag patch on Keegan's right arm backwards? The stars are always supposed to be facing forward... or does that only apply to military uniforms?
Shawn Pred 9 urami
Those glasses are the best!
Solo K
Solo K Pred 9 urami
This is what happens to habitual offenders, when are "you" going to learn
chris w
chris w Pred 9 urami
OOooh sh*t😣😒, I'm stuck in the realm of Key & Peel videos again. Someone send me some of 🍟🍕 🌮 🍗 because it going to be awhile, btw tell my mom I luv her.
pch Pred 9 urami
best show ever i miss it
Colin Burnett
Colin Burnett Pred 10 urami
Running out......of ideas.
Maggie McLaughlin
Maggie McLaughlin Pred 10 urami
Ya tricked me
Double Pred 11 urami
The eyes make this skit so much better 😂
roka game info
roka game info Pred 11 urami
Now this is just cruel and unusual punishment
Baba Booie
Baba Booie Pred 12 urami
He looks like an owl😂
insertnamehere Pred 12 urami
What category of tv shows does this fall in?
Gunnar DeRoss
Gunnar DeRoss Pred 12 urami
I didn’t know Bubbles worked as a security guard.
Иван Старостенко
3:49 me when I get my salary
irish sarol
irish sarol Pred 14 urami
Hahaha his eyes was poking hahahaha so weird
Oishii Kudasai
Oishii Kudasai Pred 14 urami
Every time he lets him out means the criminal is increasing his life sentence for bad behavior. Well played.
SlayerDoStuff Pred 14 urami
He looks like bubbles
Cole Edits
Cole Edits Pred 14 urami
Your Highness
Your Highness Pred 15 urami
Why do they keep letting him guard?! 😂😂😂
Flawless Malus
Flawless Malus Pred 16 urami
Lul all of that happened in just 20 minutes
chrisbreezy Pred 16 urami
lmao he shut the door back closed
Flash HarelKrash
Flash HarelKrash Pred 17 urami
I don't think he's as gullible as he is a complicit member of the prisoner's gang pretending to be stupid.
Jaidev Pred 17 urami
Uno it's really serious when the music comes on
LionHeart Pred 17 urami
Peele plays a mean hardened criminal, and Key plays a real flappable dolt.
FindLiberty Pred 18 urami
You two are magic together!
Justo Obligado
Justo Obligado Pred 19 urami
Medal of Honor European assault
Miscellaneous Secret
Miscellaneous Secret Pred 19 urami
If it weren't for the guard this would have been another Shawshank Redemption
Majora's Wrath
Majora's Wrath Pred 22 urami
He's on that bugs bunny shit
Jed Enerio
Jed Enerio Pred 22 urami
A good Twilight Zone episode: "What if everyone you talk to becomes gullible?"
Screw The Net
Screw The Net Pred 23 urami
FFS itsl ike watching "Us" again...>,;,< but now they both can never..."GET OUT". :P
Morgan Kodysz
Morgan Kodysz Pred dnevom
Ahhh yes.....
Shahrul Andeka
Shahrul Andeka Pred dnevom
Medal of Honour European Assault theme song. Respect
CHULO QUADA Pred dnevom
im bursting you outta here . hi tom
Vibha G.
Vibha G. Pred dnevom
The guard looks like forky mixed with bobby johns
Ruben Dominguez
Ruben Dominguez Pred dnevom
He gets caught in less than 5 minutes all the time
Leo Loera
Leo Loera Pred dnevom
He should have said ,you gotta let everyone out of here and created a riot
No one
No one Pred dnevom
i love key and Key & Peele this has to be the funniest one ive seen lol
Omar Scruggs
Omar Scruggs Pred dnevom
Yo im literally crying 🤣🤣
Ray Bans
Ray Bans Pred dnevom
This happened 16 times to my great grand uncle back in 53'.
FromBeToReality Pred dnevom
everything starting with: "i'm actually surprised they haven't already thrown you in here with me .." HAD ME ON THE DAMN FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!
Christopher Albert
Christopher Albert Pred 12 urami
For real i was rolling😂😂😂
Enrique Palafox
Enrique Palafox Pred dnevom
“Dogs of war” music really hit man, originally heard in “Medal of Honor: European Assault”, it’s nostalgic to me, played this game with my dad when I was very little, good times. Thanks for bringing this song to good use again, it needs so much more appreciation in my opinion
Theresa Love's You Tube
@No Faith Good Catch!👍
No Faith
No Faith Pred 7 urami
They also used the Far Cry Blood dragon soundtrack in LA vice and the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack for the laughing sketch.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Pred dnevom
I just see Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.
Phoenix North
Phoenix North Pred dnevom
Dumbest not gullible
TheMacocko Pred dnevom
Times have changed 1. Potheads are proud 2. Nerds are cool 3. And idiots have a voice
Show Wick
Show Wick Pred dnevom
There's a background music playing whenever Peele's prisoner character try to flee it's so funny & also the guard be like 👁👁
ksav_cam Pred dnevom
Bruh they used the Medal of Honor soundtrack lol
Paidinfull Pred dnevom
Love these guys