This New PRO Bassist Challenged ME to a BASS BATTLE 

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I challenged bassists on Fiverr to an EPIC Bass Battle...
a new PRO bass player has arrived. So a challenge was inevitable.
Battle with me: we.tl/t-3Cy5dyWaLq
Fiverr bass players:
Ruidobarilari: www.fiverr.com/share/Ay8A6Q
Milanpolakmusic: www.fiverr.com/share/0b8LGv
Ericplaysbass: www.fiverr.com/share/WEBArX
Prosoundtracks: www.fiverr.com/share/zWLaNg
Charlesberthoud: www.fiverr.com/share/akBA5N
Anorakww: www.fiverr.com/share/7Yrb34
Williamstar: www.fiverr.com/share/ZmaAe4
Alex_gl: www.fiverr.com/share/pdLVgN

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10. jan. 2020

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Komentarjev 17 977   
Davie504 Pred 8 dnevi
Watch all the video, don’t skip or your pp = small
Pronchonche Pred dnevom
Dafuk you think you are ? Only one dude in the world has the power to know the pp of everyone.
TheKatsKid mfker
TheKatsKid mfker Pred 7 dnevi
@Davie504 12 million subscribers 8==D reveal
me llaman el malotas
Sunnee Pred 7 dnevi
one question: are you sitting on a Pewdiepie chair, or is it just simaliar
トンプソン柳 Pred 7 dnevi
It's too big
Samuel Plaunty
Samuel Plaunty Pred 35 minutami
Lol you are odd
Valio Valtokari
Valio Valtokari Pred 46 minutami
Can I play the bass?
My mango Is to blow up
Very epic
FChuckT Pred 3 urami
Quintuple Camera Guy takes it, IMO.
Morde Pasilan
Morde Pasilan Pred 3 urami
I have 5 minutes left on my Breaktime, I wanna who is the secret pro player but I cant skip for some reason.. Davie must have put a curse on it
ohnoanotherputz Pred 3 urami
I didn't know you could put videos of you playing with yourself on youtube.
Corey G
Corey G Pred 3 urami
Blue shirt guy at 9:17 destroyed you, my man...just sayin. 93 and 128 euro got you your best performances
romero rosevil
romero rosevil Pred 3 urami
You made my day Davie504
Meat & Potato Burrito
Bassist #8 tapping was very nice.
John Carlo Jumawan
John Carlo Jumawan Pred 5 urami
Can I play the Bass?
Neko Sama
Neko Sama Pred 5 urami
The 128 euros guy is impressive, that line was really epic, the best by far.
Zachary Hagan
Zachary Hagan Pred 5 urami
128 was the best in my opinion.
Marzlan CheOmar
Marzlan CheOmar Pred 6 urami
Me : how to make money easily? Fiver : play bass on fiver, davie504 will pay u every week 😅
Hridaya Kafle
Hridaya Kafle Pred 6 urami
Hey davie i challenge u to include me in your video and subscribe me
Aditya_Gading Minecraft
Marco Lomastro
Marco Lomastro Pred 7 urami
Me fai morì 😂😂orgoglio Italiano
Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart Pred 7 urami
i wonder how much he paid to get thrown into everyone's feed. i will continue going without this channel
Alex Slaughter
Alex Slaughter Pred 8 urami
What tuning does he have on his bass?
Matthew Sacco
Matthew Sacco Pred 8 urami
Sono Maltese ma parla Italiano. Tu sei un cazzo. (Ti amo Davie)
Antony 98
Antony 98 Pred 9 urami
Satisfactory, next Video. 🤭
SM33R !
SM33R ! Pred 9 urami
9:30 He was like: get outta here
Dafydd Powell
Dafydd Powell Pred 10 urami
128 was best by far
soberhippie Pred 10 urami
Number 8 is great!
Lorenzo Pierdominici
Lorenzo Pierdominici Pred 10 urami
Italianoooo Davie sei fantastico. Io suono il sax e il piano. Voglio un duetto con te🤣
Nate StClair
Nate StClair Pred 11 urami
Do a bass battle with the dudes from the omnific.
Armor Chris
Armor Chris Pred 11 urami
Bel video Davie, vai a vedere il nuovo video di ChristianICE, te lo consiglio ahahahah PS: il migliore secondo me è €128
Ed Lamont
Ed Lamont Pred 11 urami
davies soulful bass playing makes up for his soulless demeanor
Jaxson Peshoff
Jaxson Peshoff Pred 11 urami
Can i play bass
Believedbadge02 Pred 11 urami
Bella per Davie
alglec bennett
alglec bennett Pred 12 urami
Ngl Davie sounds the same every time he plays
Gabriel Storti
Gabriel Storti Pred 12 urami
7:00 EPIC xD
ilsanta86 Pred 12 urami
Pp sarebbe letteralmente Piccolo Pene?
ilsanta86 Pred 12 urami
Mi piego in due quando dai dello "stronzo" a random ahahah (visto? Ho commentato essendo italiota like u)
Owen McRoberts
Owen McRoberts Pred 13 urami
Omar Olvera
Omar Olvera Pred 14 urami
Diego Franchino
Diego Franchino Pred 15 urami
Bassista Number 8 è migliore di te, stronzo 😉
Robert Grant
Robert Grant Pred 15 urami
I’m sorry Davie, you showed up for a slapp fight and Charles shot you
gabriel rojas
gabriel rojas Pred 15 urami
128€ was the best sounding with your jam
timuchin asadzade
timuchin asadzade Pred 15 urami
Can I slap the bass
William Cozart
William Cozart Pred 15 urami
Hey that "secret bass player" guy sucked badly.
WhiteKanji Pred 16 urami
What I've learned these fiverr videos is that you get what you pay for.
Jacob Harmon
Jacob Harmon Pred 16 urami
May I continue to play bass?
Anton Lopez
Anton Lopez Pred 16 urami
Davie504 can i play bass if yes EPIC!!!
Brian Parnell
Brian Parnell Pred 16 urami
Number 7
jforr123 Pred 16 urami
That last secret bass player was cheating. He obviously broke into your home, took the DNA from your toothbrush, cloned a copy of you, trained him to play bass by watching your previous videos and genetically engineered him to slap, tap and pic.
Manuel Jr.I Danao
Manuel Jr.I Danao Pred 16 urami
Attitude killed you
Manuel Jr.I Danao
Manuel Jr.I Danao Pred 16 urami
Did you ur the best in that vedio search billy shean how he explode ur mind you verry under estimate ur co base player idont think your the best
Mafiamarelhe Pred 17 urami
Davie, if you don´t accept quintuple camera guy challenge, you are not epic!
Jose Vitor Calfa
Jose Vitor Calfa Pred 17 urami
Arrogant SOB.
lukib 3349
lukib 3349 Pred 17 urami
Bassist no.9 had 5 strings . . :/ smh
Ella Andrews
Ella Andrews Pred 18 urami
3:01 davie forgets to add the sound effect to his 'epic'
Wr3nch105 Pred 18 urami
Io sono italiano
Nrobot Pred 19 urami
Accept challenge or your pp small
David Iglesias Alonso
David Iglesias Alonso Pred 19 urami
You are epic, brother :)
Snoo Lee
Snoo Lee Pred 19 urami
the first one was best. these "lead" bass players are pretty useless
Pietro Valente - Drummer & Composer
I just uploaded my Davie504 EPIC battle, it's with drums and an orchestra arrangement!!
Sean B
Sean B Pred 19 urami
Davie uses pick at 7M subs
Thanos Pred 19 urami
You should ask a refund from bassist number 9 . 276 € for a crappy pentatonic and 2 arpeggios ? LOL At least he have good recording sound quality.... My favorite is bassist number 8 best performance , good sound quality and very nice technique . "5 cameras guy" instead have the best "quality for the money " and for sure he made the funniest video . 🤣
grastho b
grastho b Pred 20 urami
Sei il migliore con il basso, non credo che ti possa battere. SALAP HIM!!!
Stop This...
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