Trump and GOP Allies Try to Out Ukraine Whistleblower: A Closer Look 

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth takes a closer look at the president and his allies trying to out the Ukraine whistleblower while one of Trump’s own appointees admits there was a quid pro quo.
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Trump and GOP Allies Try to Out Ukraine Whistleblower: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




6. nov. 2019

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FromBeToReality Pred 25 dnevi
Tom Myers
Tom Myers Pred 4 meseci
Seth, in lieu of just making accusations and acting like an idiot. State the evidence that supports you statements and bring some understanding to your position except hate. Then again you can do the same thing you are doing to Trump to Hillary.
green lover
green lover Pred 4 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="331">5:31</a> Look those two idiot man of colour who stand behind the Trump. They know already acting like clown to tell trump is not racist .
Ernest B
Ernest B Pred 5 meseci
Here is an Idea why doesn't the one who started this whole impeachment scandal Rump come before congress if he has nothing to hide and defend himself, oh I know guess he is not so innocent and if the Senate is truly an independent branch of Govt now is the time to prove it listens to the facts then vote on just the facts but the G.O.P. kangaroo jury will not listen to the facts and will have no spine and won't vote to impeach if the facts prove it out. Voter of the G.O.P. are you proud of the guy you put in the WH. He made the country the laughing stock of the world congratulations on picking the worst president ever of our country's history.
Veve Charly
Veve Charly Pred 5 meseci
They Court in the United States cover up a lot things as long as the close the Judges eyes with money
Veve Charly
Veve Charly Pred 5 meseci
If the Court System in the United States are corrupt
mike weston
mike weston Pred 5 meseci
Has this excuse for a president ever heard the phrase 'no smoke without fire' ? I mean a 'perfect' call is a lot different from a 'frightening' call - right ?
Duck Duck Andeby
Duck Duck Andeby Pred 6 meseci
The American President, Said to be the most powerful man on earth 🌎! He who says about himself, that he has a good brain, he knows words, the best words. THIS is all different things Trump Donald is bragging about himself. The genius, of a President, Trump Donald said: “ BUT LISTEN TO THIS ...THERE IS NO PRO QUO” We know, as he knows he said this wrong. But In case someone don’t know what he actually was trying to say. He tried to say: “BUT LISTEN TO THIS... THERE IS NO QUID PRO QUO. “ But try to get Trump Donald to admit he said something wrong He was trying to use the popular quote. “Quid pro Quo” that’s an Latin term. Means “something for something” How it’s used in English today, is “to mean an exchange of goods or services, in which one transfer is contingent upon the other “a favor for a favor” Phrases with similar meanings include: “Give and take”, “Tit for Tat”, “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” and “ one hand washes the other “ this wrong. But
Starly Graim
Starly Graim Pred 6 meseci
Google User
Google User Pred 6 meseci
But isn't that illegal? Demanding the media search for a Government protected witness and divuldge his or her name? Why is this nonsense even being allowed? Witness intimidation..? Risking harm? Threats? WTF, am I mistaken?
novatemari Pred 6 meseci
Calling out the whistleblower for retaliation is against the Federal Whistleblower Protection Act. Another impeachable offense
Volkan Hunter
Volkan Hunter Pred 6 meseci
Is there any judge that can order a but plug to be inserted in Trumps pie-hole with a remote control, in this way when ever the SOB lies someone can can press a button and give him an electrical shock.
James Short
James Short Pred 6 meseci
TRUMP 2020
Rickinsf Pred 6 meseci
Seth needs a new map of Ukraine...that one still has Crimea attached.
Avrysatos Pred 6 meseci
There was no quid pro quo. when the other party cant refuse its called extortion.
Larry Finney
Larry Finney Pred 6 meseci
People, we now know who the whistle blower is !!!.....It's Randy Paullllll. !!!!!!! Er, Rand !!!!
Richie Tattersall
Richie Tattersall Pred 6 meseci
He doesn't think, he reacts, they are not the same think
Patrick Butterly
Patrick Butterly Pred 6 meseci
Lay off the dudes spelling ... really lads the video seems to run like: heinous crime presented hilariously ... heinous crime presented hilariously... heinous crime presented hilariously... oooohh lad cant spell look at that typo! lol look at his silly walk.... heinous crime presented hilariously... heinous crime presented hilariously... etc
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Pred 6 meseci
Forget the weed killer-he definitely would be using a metal detector to find lost charge.
Richard Schaniel
Richard Schaniel Pred 6 meseci
he has lied all through his illness and he thinks he is above the law I really cannot understand why people like trump and my answer is impeach his ass and pence to
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Pred 6 meseci
Richard Schaniel Pence [too]
David Brandenburg
David Brandenburg Pred 6 meseci
if he doesn't watch then he can say its all false
David Brandenburg
David Brandenburg Pred 6 meseci
theres a reason he can't see the whistle blower, they are protected by federal law for just this reason. so that fucking idiots like trump and his fucking family can't brow beat their accusers!. if there is a god in heaven then trump and his whole fucking family, will take a flight on a defective Boeing 737 MAX!.
iCookie1 Pred 6 meseci
His identity is protected to avoid Trump-supporters killing him. The Trump Religion is the most extremist and violent there is. Just look at the FBI stats on the amount of rightwing terrorist attacks. They are shooting up mosques and sending pipebombs to people. While complaining about the "violent left". Funny.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Pred 6 meseci
iCookie1 [amount=number]
Geoff Collins
Geoff Collins Pred 6 meseci
Trump wants to find out who the whistle blower is so he can have him knocked. Guys like that cant stand losing. If he loses the presidency because of some 'nobody' it'll eat at him the rest of his life.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Pred 6 meseci
Geoff Collins Oh, yes please, yes yes yes, yes oh yes oh please please please!!!
Grandus11 Pred 6 meseci
This is all here say and hearing something from sally who told bill that related it to ted is just bs.
Swapan Sarkar
Swapan Sarkar Pred 6 meseci
strongbad666 Pred 6 meseci
"It was a perfect phone call." Translation: "It was the perfect crime and I've never been held liable for any of my previous crimes in my life so why should I be held responsible now?" Wait, I thought Republicans were the party of "personal responsibility"? So why is their leader so irresponsible?
omegapointil Pred 6 meseci
Myers, Maddow and MSNBC throw the covers off just how dishonest and ignorant republicans actually air every night. Did you get your couple hundred buck tax break to keep quiet? How is it possible for this many people to be so fundamentally dishonest and believe Trump is anything but illiterate?
trunk monkey
trunk monkey Pred 6 meseci
Trump just wants to know who it is so he can have them offed like he did with Epstein!
羅德夫 Pred 6 meseci
All prejudgements about Americans become the truth because Trump is the symbol of a typical average affluent American.
S#s*#nCUBe## Pred 6 meseci
LINDSEY GRAHAM is GARBAGE! He has always been GARBAGE! And will always be GARBAGE!
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Pred 6 meseci
Seth, I am ready to think he is not there!
Chris Burkert
Chris Burkert Pred 6 meseci
How is it at this point not obvious to even every MAGAnut that Trump is a very ill person with no personal integrity whatsoever??
Chaotic Entropy
Chaotic Entropy Pred 6 meseci
Utterly and completely disgusting individuals, watching all of these life long constitution hugging Republicans choosing to take a piss all over it.
Miguel Maldonado
Miguel Maldonado Pred 6 meseci
I am the whistleblower he is the whistleblower she is the whistleblower I am Spartacus!
hissinggoose Pred 6 meseci
Seth fanboys do realize impeachment ends in the senate and that the senate is republican, right?
Carmen Mencar
Carmen Mencar Pred 6 meseci
Big question is. What would they do to him/her if some asshat releases their name. Will they REALLY disappear?
W Whyte
W Whyte Pred 6 meseci
The whistle blower is now irrelevant after all the depositions from the professional diplomats.
bob green
bob green Pred 6 meseci
Ok, it is I !!😀💯
Shane Strickland Burgess
donald dump has got to be the dumbest person that has ever walked on this earth, next to the people who voted for it. you idiots.
Hotdog22958 Pred 6 meseci
Rand Paul is a little Schnit!
Hotdog22958 Pred 6 meseci
Roaches run when the lights are turned on. Whistleblower turned the lights on and now roaches (republicans) are knowing what's coming next, a can of raid called IMPEACHMENT!!
chancyvonsnuffals Pred 6 meseci
so he got away with it in 2016 so he thinks the best idea is to try it again.
J Cobbs
J Cobbs Pred 6 meseci
Our president: tells people "listen to this..." Only to cite a misquote. "THERE IS NO PRO QUO". FFS
Spitfire’s Take
Spitfire’s Take Pred 6 meseci
This shii is truly crazy
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots Pred 6 meseci
Yes Trump supporters, your right. All the people around Trump lying not him. Ever. Not your great white rich lying draft dodging Nazi sympathizer in cheif.
kvdgadj Pred 6 meseci
Trump so above the Law, he think you can't touch him. Everything the whistleblower say became truth.
Abderrahim Benmoussa
Abderrahim Benmoussa Pred 6 meseci
The whistleblower is irrelevant, the facts are the focus and facts are damning.
Ronisha Stroud
Ronisha Stroud Pred 6 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="79">1:19</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a> me when i am playing video games. Gotta get those daily objective.
Sage Channel
Sage Channel Pred 6 meseci
Lindsay Graham, with that statement on impeachment, is a blatant dereliction of duty, and a refusal to uphold their oath. Anyone who follows such, isn't fit for office, and should also be impeached. Such blatant criminal activity shouldn't require a drawn our process, you don't let the suspected murderer run free while gathering evidence, why are these constitutional criminals still running free?
Sage Channel
Sage Channel Pred 6 meseci
Should have called him out on the "The Transcript was released, and proved the whistleblower wrong." (Paraphrased) The "transcript" was released.... And PROVED the whistleblower right.
CSM Independence
CSM Independence Pred 6 meseci
Make the most of your mockery, he will be you president in 2020. Lets see who laughs then!
CSM Independence
CSM Independence Pred 6 meseci
What ridiculous content and a fake audience response!
T Dalb
T Dalb Pred 6 meseci
Why don't trumpers wonder why so many people are anti-trump? They dismiss anyone who doesn't like trump, as "anti-trump", but never do they question what he says. He claims he knows more about, strategy than generals, our intelligence agencies, science than scientist, and that he alone tells the truth, and everybody else is lying.
Raoul Fleckman
Raoul Fleckman Pred 6 meseci
I just realized that both tRump and Rand Paul use ridiculous hair-styles to cover-up what's really under there. Fake people leading fake lives.
xxwhispersxx Pred 6 meseci
They can't release the identity of the whistle blower - the GOP will have him/her killed.
Thorr Pred 6 meseci
2 Dorks on the stage...Rand Paul with newly permed hair on his big day taking center stage..LOL !
Vikings are better
Vikings are better Pred 6 meseci
OMG! Is this really entertainment in USA? A program being childish, stuborn and only tells the parts of the truth they believe will improve their own rating/standing/appearance/jokes, just like the man they're making fun off...... No wonder USA has the great tittle "the most stupid country in the world" Wait... This reminds me of Fox, just the socialistic version...
Love you2
Love you2 Pred 6 meseci
Wishblower you mean! :-)
brent blackstone
brent blackstone Pred 6 meseci
F.u.don & crew
Henry Coy
Henry Coy Pred 6 meseci
I would bet Trump is sneaking around the White House looking for someone with a Whistle around their neck.......He is so dumb he thinks a Whistle Blower actually blows a whistle!
John Wallace
John Wallace Pred 6 meseci
Whistle blower is John Bolton duh!
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson Pred 6 meseci
Ever time i see or hear tRump, he reminds me more and more of Biff Tannen from Back to the Future.
KiithNaabal Pred 6 meseci
This poor person who is the whistleblower...what a petty thing by Trump and his goons to bully and shame this person now that they have no other viable strategy. I hope this person will get a peaceful live again!
birdsdaword Pred 6 meseci
A rake and weed killer...that's why he believes that Californians should be raking the forests.
roxannwats Pred 6 meseci
Whistleblower is... Ivanka. Hahaha
RobbyOnTheWay Pred 6 meseci
Trump & Co. want to know who the Wistleblower is, so that they can defame him with all means and spread lies about him. This is how the Republicans and Trump & Friends work! The USA is just a big shithole!
K. Wrecked
K. Wrecked Pred 6 meseci
Seth.... stop.... you’re not funny
Think Pred 6 meseci
It's time for the South to make a new party anyway. RuPaul was born in Georgia. Maybe he could run for president and then the new popular party of the south can be literally called the Rupublicans.
Think Pred 6 meseci
Trying to out a whistleblowers is ATTEMPTED MURDER, via a third party, via incitement, and we should be beyond horrified.
Eddie Vazquez
Eddie Vazquez Pred 6 meseci
What this impotent GOP and their brainwashed supporters refuse to see is that, at this point, the whistle blower is the least of their problems. Yet they continue to wave him in front of their base like a red cape in front of an enraged, mindless bull. They do this to distract them from the fact that there have been a numerous amount of other witnesses that have testified to impeachment inquiry and who have verified that Trump has abused the power of his office by tryng to coerce and bribe the leader of an ally country. If it were just the whistle blower's complaint, there might be some doubt. But the GOP isn't interested in the truth and how it impacts the rest of the world's view of our country. They have chosen to invest as many lies as they can contrive, to add to and prop up Trump's lies. It only serves to highlight how far they have strayed from and how little regard they have for our constitution and the democracy "we the people" hold dear. Something Trump is, obviously, trying to destroy; with their help.
Meadmaker 452
Meadmaker 452 Pred 6 meseci
Wait, aren't whistleblowers protected by the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989? A federal law. Now, the president and the republicans are inciting others to break federal law by exposing a government whistleblower? What's that called again, when you try to convince other people to commit a crime on your behalf? Ah, yes, that's it, conspiracy and/or solicitation to commit a felony/crime. Pretty sure there are people in jail today for that very thing. Yet these people are still walking around without their handcuffs! As far as I'm concerned, they just added another charge to the charge sheet, but no one seems to have the balls to hold them accountable.
Dan Schulte
Dan Schulte Pred 6 meseci
Trump is inherently flawed.
Lonewolf Fisherman
Lonewolf Fisherman Pred 6 meseci
Lindsey Graham said in an interview that trumps "policy" was to incomprehensive to be quid pro quo....... Meaning, trump is too ignorant to have done such a thing, which isn't any better 🤦
Filthy Casual Play
Filthy Casual Play Pred 6 meseci
Is it just me or does Rand Paul remind anyone of Gilderoy Lockhart?
Andy Higs
Andy Higs Pred 6 meseci
How long is this circus going to last. The world is watching and laughing their asses off at this diabolical president and his troup of arse licking traitors.
Nicholas Thompson
Nicholas Thompson Pred 6 meseci
I agree
Joy Phillips
Joy Phillips Pred 6 meseci
Democrats want to hide the whistleblower because he LIED and his remarks no longer match up with transcripts....
eric schweitzer
eric schweitzer Pred 6 meseci
I don't understand they have people that are testifying to corroborate the whistleblowers statements, so why is it all about The Whistleblower ?.
Christopher Nelson
Christopher Nelson Pred 6 meseci
F this he said him and trump new the name of the whistleblower your how cut it out but who runs your program is a trump supporter or you wouldn't have cut that out shame shame f you seth
Jerzy Feliks
Jerzy Feliks Pred 6 meseci
There was a time when Stupid Trump affairs were pilling up and he went unpunished. You could clearly sense his frustration and despair with what's happening to his country. But now he senses the blood and oh baby, he's going for it ]:)))
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