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As the U.S. Postal Service faces financial catastrophe, John Oliver discusses why the service is so important, what brought it to this point, and what we can do to help.
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10. maj. 2020

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Trey Pred 11 urami
Why aren’t we working on getting that law removed?
John Salvi
John Salvi Pred 12 urami
The problem with the postal service is email driving less customers but also the postal rates getting out of hand.
Rambling Hyena
Rambling Hyena Pred 12 urami
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a> how you eat the pussy?
Luis Dias
Luis Dias Pred 12 urami
I am not sure what to think of these comments about being sacrificial and such ... even people quarantined at home is contracting covid through mail / deliveries/ groceries/ etc. It is simply impossible to stay safe forever, all we can do is flatten the curve and try to have enough hospital beds for everyone who will need one.
1k Subs With No Content Challenge
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="513">08:33</a>: “the remote addresses are not profitable”. Yes... what he “forgets” to tell us is that it’s because there are F** price caps... just like here in Brazil... they use this to say that the company should remain being state-run while massive corruption and inefficiency goes on inside of it and drags billions from the tax payer. I still don’t know why I watch this guy... the facts here have to change to suit his leftist beliefs... and sometimes he seems fair and unbiased... but only seems. 🤮
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee Pred 18 urami
This is about the quality of the show, there needs to be some sort of background music because it does sound a bit empty when you're jokes require a second to get, just a suggestion to make the show better during this time
phube008 Pred 20 urami
Private corporations infiltrated and now control USPS. They plan to destroy it.
jjrsbigo Pred 23 urami
I bought my stamps yesterday!
1425363878 Pred dnevom
You say "our writers do a lot of research" and then you make shit like this. Almost everything in this video is wrong. Watch this instead: slvid.info/video/r2mc0I-1e8lxtbM.html
Christopher Snipes
Christopher Snipes Pred dnevom
...Maybe Amazon can help....Hahahaha!Hahahaha..
Jed Smith
Jed Smith Pred dnevom
How do I become close friends with John Oliver
M. Jinz
M. Jinz Pred dnevom
It didnt even need Corona fur the USPS to be fucked up at all. Notorious for random arrival, lost packages - I am a victim too and the package could never be retrieved.
Joseph Cerda
Joseph Cerda Pred dnevom
Oh God Oliver. Just tell the Billion Dollar Commpies that took our tax payer money to give to to USPS. Oliver is talking about putting USPS to sleep in a nice way.. So AGAIN.. OLIVER.. YOU KNOW WHO HAS OUR MONEY. The Stock Market speaks for itself
Abby Williamson
Abby Williamson Pred dnevom
Japan has a post bank and, like everything else in Japan, it works great.
Silviu Tulbya
Silviu Tulbya Pred dnevom
Is it weird that I'm a libertarian conservative but don't mind the Oliver roasts in our direction? lol
Silviu Tulbya
Silviu Tulbya Pred dnevom
But also the stamps arent the solution
Silviu Tulbya
Silviu Tulbya Pred dnevom
Also I agree with his point about giving the USPS more leeway.
John II Dear
John II Dear Pred dnevom
Man I'd love a privatized postal service so that way I know mail won't be deliver to (insert minority here).
Meryk Sindrak
Meryk Sindrak Pred dnevom
Our government has set it up to fail. Makes you wonder whose gonna benefit once it fails and goes private.
Bradford Choung
Bradford Choung Pred dnevom
I just wanted to add this comment to anyone watching this for the first time or repeatedly. I took John's message about stamps as revenue to heart and went to my local post office and bought a Marvin Gaye stamp sheet today! It's amazing what they offer.
Sol Rossi
Sol Rossi Pred dnevom
lazypuddycat Pred dnevom
I wish I could buy the stamps but they only ship within the US...
Theo Snell
Theo Snell Pred dnevom
The Federal government can't do shit without Fucking it up!
Johnny D.
Johnny D. Pred dnevom
I am always shocked to see how fat americans are.
Thurman Jamison
Thurman Jamison Pred dnevom
I love the idea of buying stamps. I bought a bunch last month. I am surprised that these aren't forever stamps though. But I'll link to them so it is easier for people. stamps.com/lastweektonight
luckjes112 haverkamp
So if I understand correctly Trump's problem with the postal service is that it's not corrupt and not for-profit?
tommyt1971 Pred dnevom
I’d say that a postmaster helping someone bury a dog during their lunch hour goes WAY above and beyond the call.
tommyt1971 Pred dnevom
The US mail just happens to be how I get most of my medication.
Skylar Daniel Saunders
I'm pretty sure Tom and Jerry showed us why to not have a "Good Morning Duck."
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Pred dnevom
If JO, SC removed curse words from their monologues, what would be left.
Katheryne Mero
Katheryne Mero Pred dnevom
The United States is the most fucked up place on earth. I really wish that we could stop being a complete shithole, but damn it. We're just incapable.
M A B Pred dnevom
Stfu you British tw-t
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Pred dnevom
investigation's conclusion on Russian interference "deserves the attention of every American".
Lil' Bites
Lil' Bites Pred 2 dnevi
I had to pause the video at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> to go ask my step-dad if this was real. He hates it because the chirping is annoying when he's sorting mail
Matti Makila
Matti Makila Pred 2 dnevi
If only publicly held corporations were demanded similar responsibility for their workers' pensions! On the contrary they're rewarded richly for ratfucking democracy and ripping of workers & customers. But hey, let's make at least 10 MBps "broadband" Internet a public utility and an essential service that all citizens who are reachable by telephone. Actually, it should be AT THE VERY LEAST 50 MBps! Sure as hell FedEx innovates! They innovate on cutting CORNERS!!
Roberta Cunningham
Roberta Cunningham Pred 2 dnevi
Has anyone else had trouble ordering stamps? I have tried off and on over the last two weeks, and it won‘t take my order. (Admittedly I‘m in Germany, but the mailing address is in America.). If anyone has any help I‘d appreciate it! Thanks. (I have tried two different cards and both are not anywhere near their limit)
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson Pred 2 dnevi
New Zealand, not only being the first to completely repress Covid-19, but the postal service does provide banking services. They are financing my mortgage and provides my VISA card.
Freddie Maré
Freddie Maré Pred 2 dnevi
Prithwish Sarkar
Prithwish Sarkar Pred 2 dnevi
'We protect what you lick' - Agent Jack Danger
Richard Harrington
Richard Harrington Pred 2 dnevi
Trump hates mail in voting as much as he hates Amazon. No post office, no mail in voting. Congress must stop Trump before he destroys our post office.
mixio hili
mixio hili Pred 2 dnevi
Republicans: "don't rely on government services and systems because they're vulnerable to being hamstrung by people like us"
David Johnson
David Johnson Pred 2 dnevi
YOU SHOULD DO A PIECE ON CANADA / CORONA VIRUS, ... as a comparison to the US response. - Each Canadian province actually knows its infection numbers, and responds with teams to hot spots. - In charge are provincial health officers, who speak to their populations daily with information to stay safe and report numbers and calm fears ... daily. The Prime Minister himself goes in front of cameras daily and speaks to federal responses (and he needs a haircut). *On provincial health officers; focus on Bonny Henry - British Columbia's Health Officer. The exact type of person you want in charge, with the absolute perfect demeanour ... and just google 'Bonnie Henry' and 'shoes'. The story within the story ... damn nice shoes. Carrying on: - The federal govt's financial response to the Corona caused unemployed, students, seniors, and businesses. - Social distancing was imposed very early, and the curve has flattened and we are now safely BBQing with extended families. This is not to say its all been perfect - google 'Quebec extended care' and 'military report' ... but its all been a heck of a lot better than the US. A piece worth doing.
mixio hili
mixio hili Pred 2 dnevi
another year or two.
Megajon Pred 2 dnevi
Man I just watched tonight’s episode and John I’m a big fan of both you and UFC, but honestly the battle you’re picking with Dana is looking really cringe. Give the dude a break man! He’s the only guy who managed to keep some sort of sports going during COVID, and the staff and fighters wouldn’t want it any other way. Also “Dana White Looking For A Fight” is literally his SLvid series, and it’s really fun to watch. How can you possibly hate the guy? Was definitely one of your weirder episodes to date, and that’s saying a lot after the stuff you’ve put on display (which I usually appreciate tbh). Lol, keep the comedy coming either way
Lead Gen Magic
Lead Gen Magic Pred 2 dnevi
USPS does not raise their rates?!? Once again Trump has NO IDEA what he is talking about! I am semi-retired from selling on Amazon and eBay from 1998 to 2013. They would at least raise rates annually (whereas Amazon would raise shipping reimbursements every 3 or 4 years), but near the end of my activity, rates were being raised like 4 or 5 times a year! That is why they came up with "Forever" stamps, you could not buy quantity of stamps and expect them to be the right amount to mail a letter, even for the near future. It was getting insane. What POTUS is ignorant of, shipping costs are a HUGE part of staying in business online, and if they raise rates too high, the economy will suffer as many, many, many (yes that is a pun at Trump) businesses will not be able to survive. Regardless, Citizens will end up paying a lot more and resist spending, which HELLO hurts the economy again. Who ever gave this guy the idea that he knew how to run a country? They should be "FIRED!"
TheMaskedDood Pred 2 dnevi
how soon is this postal stamp option going to be sold out? i give it 3wks.
Lead Gen Magic
Lead Gen Magic Pred 2 dnevi
2020 election coming up. Consider this and ask if we can trust the election process. #Trumpgate is REAL. It is called, “The Mueller Report” Read it. Obstruction of Justice is NOT the actions of Honest Men. An excerpt: the report stated that Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was illegal and occurred "in sweeping and systematic fashion", but was welcomed by the Trump campaign as it expected to benefit from such efforts. It also identifies links between Trump campaign officials and individuals with ties to the Russian government, about which several persons connected to the campaign made false statements and obstructed investigations. Mueller later stated that his investigation's conclusion on Russian interference "deserves the attention of every American".
Anil A
Anil A Pred 2 dnevi
If JO, SC removed curse words from their monologues, what would be left.
viddergrapho Pred 2 dnevi
Sam Pred 2 dnevi
Heaven forbid our government help fund something that benefits everyone in American...
Genildo Miranda
Genildo Miranda Pred 2 dnevi
Guys, whatcha the newest film theory video, I think it can hel you
Anastasia Maynard
Anastasia Maynard Pred 2 dnevi
I wonder what his wife said when she saw that rock.
Mazes S A
Mazes S A Pred 2 dnevi
Imperialist peace of shit John. F out here John. Syria and Venezuela are still standing
Lars Marius sivertsvik
Trump is thee defintion of «unfit for office». In the future Trump will come up first if you Google «unfit..».
Leonard Mullin
Leonard Mullin Pred 2 dnevi
Do you think they lost some business because Lance Armstrong was winning Tour de France's with a USPS uniform on? Or they were the sponsors, but .....I dunno
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry Pred 2 dnevi
Dear God. Why is this fool in office? Who is benefiting, frightening. He has no idea that he is America's demise. Shame on those who use his stupidly to get farther ahead. Shame. And a pox on your house.
Susan ohio
Susan ohio Pred 2 dnevi
Does this have anything to do with Trump not wanting to allow voting by mail?
Derek Davie
Derek Davie Pred 2 dnevi
This is happening in Canada as well. There is an ongoing effort to undermine the profitability and effectiveness of Canada Post. The Canada Post corporation refuses to expand services (such as banking) and continues to undermine their staff at every possible turn. It is to create a false need to privatize all postal services, plain and simple. Once privatized the postal services suddenly become incredibly profitable. Whatever corporation bribes the government to take over the post office, finds itself in possession of a lucrative and essential service.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Pred 2 dnevi
When we lose the Post Office, we lose what is left of America. I love John Oliver. Perfect.
Scott Nunnemaker
Scott Nunnemaker Pred 2 dnevi
All I know is that the USPS seems to always be on the verge of financial collapse and then the price of stamps goes up a couple pennies and it’s out of the news cycle for another year or two.
Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell Pred 2 dnevi
How are they struggling right now I would think their business would be booming with all the online shopping right now
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Pred 2 dnevi
survive huddled indoors, until.. well until they tell us its ok. But im not seeing bodies everywhere, the hostpitals arent over run by far why the fear
Selina Yue
Selina Yue Pred 2 dnevi
Strange that it passed with bipartisan support? Nobody wanted to pick a fight over USPS that’s all... there was always more important battles to be fought between the two parties
George Bellamy
George Bellamy Pred 2 dnevi
"Grass is greener under my Weiner". I can't stop laughing. How did Britain let this guy get away!
George Bellamy
George Bellamy Pred 2 dnevi
Finally after 6 weeks of waiting anxiously, my stamps have arrived. I can't wait to put Mr Nutter Butter on and envelope!!!!!😂. I don't think if they'll take kindly to "Eat Shit Bob" but I'll wait for a more appropriate time.
Chocolettino Pred 2 dnevi
That sad moment, when you remember that notice will change as long as the old dude stays president. Good luck, America!
Asli Altinisik
Asli Altinisik Pred 3 dnevi
I love this show
anne gray
anne gray Pred 3 dnevi
What as the point in showing that clueless driver interrupting the tik tok video? It would have been much easier to follow the talking points without that mixed message. (She could see a camera being pointed and could have stopped out of frame.)
Barun Das
Barun Das Pred 3 dnevi
www.cato.org/publications/cato-journal/restructuring-us-postal-service This article provides a counterpoint for anyone interested
Zachely Nickens
Zachely Nickens Pred 3 dnevi
I love this guy😩
Darkwiccawillow Pred 3 dnevi
I almost wanna buy ‘and now a stamp’ but I don’t live in the us
Andrew Sullivan
Andrew Sullivan Pred 3 dnevi
Does anyone else think that John Oliver should open a museum containing all of the things that he's ordered and brought onto his show?
Doombringer Pred 3 dnevi
Mail carriers during this are big damn heroes, our society would collapse even more then it already has without them
kevinKronnack Pred 3 dnevi
I liked the part where Dr. D David Shultz slapped the ever loving fuck out of John Stossel
PositiveSarcasm Pred 3 dnevi
So people in the US have no access to healthcare, education, banks, and now even the postal service...? And they call other countries third-world countries?
Paula Dunn
Paula Dunn Pred 3 dnevi
Very disappointed the stamps weren’t Forever stamps. What were you thinking?
Niamh O'SS
Niamh O'SS Pred 3 dnevi
I don't live in the US but I'm getting my family in the US to send me a letter with these stamps cuz I collect stamps, Thanks John for making my boring collection interesting!!
beatyouonce Pred 3 dnevi
Spreading the fear of Corona =-) wonder why, SARS didnt get traction, neither did swine flu, or avian flu. but they were getting us ready for fear and to give up all life in order to survive huddled indoors, until.. well until they tell us its ok. But im not seeing bodies everywhere, the hostpitals arent over run by far why the fear
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Pred 3 dnevi
If they put Trump’s face on every stamp for life, he would give them the 89 billion.
Phillip Vector
Phillip Vector Pred 3 dnevi
John Oliver shouldn't do these without an audience. He just isn't funny without the laugh track.
Phillip Vector
Phillip Vector Pred 3 dnevi
@DoubleGoon I guess.. I just never noticed it so starkly as when he doesn't have an audience being told when to laugh.
DoubleGoon Pred 3 dnevi
I don’t know his jokes have always been pretty bad, but sometimes that’s what makes them funny.
7 Horseshoes & A 4 Leaf Clover
Just when I thought this video COULDN'T get any better, John Oliver takes 19 time Emmy winner and honorary doctorate John Stossel to task for his clueless reporting. Big surprised this act was introduced by Republicans.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Pred 3 dnevi
ELI5: If it's illegal for them to sell services for less than what they cost, how are they losing money?
Eric P
Eric P Pred 4 dnevi
So because the US doesn't have socialized healthcare their postal system is going to collapse. Why do immigrants even bother trying to move there anymore?
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson Pred 4 dnevi
Trump would actually be happy ta see the post office go outta business. Whatta DICK!
Mateo Johnson
Mateo Johnson Pred 4 dnevi
LastWeekTonight, otherwise known as, "How Has Trump Fucked Up This Week?"
Jacob D
Jacob D Pred 4 dnevi
You neglect to explain why and how Amazon delivers it's packages via USPS for free and not pay anything in taxes to the IRS.
Avi C
Avi C Pred 4 dnevi
"First, what? Second, excuse me? And just to circle around again, THE FUCK?" This will become part of my regular vocabulary
Paige McLaughlin
Paige McLaughlin Pred 4 dnevi
I would love to have those lace stamps! I make lace and those stamps would make my packages so much better!
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Pred 4 dnevi
Wait, Sierra is on Last Week Tonight? Wow.
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