VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 18 

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Sam, Clint and Niko sit down to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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11. jan. 2020

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Komentarjev 10 599   
ImNotYourBroom Pred 5 urami
Not sure how they did it, but I'd like to see a breakdown of the self-punching scene in Fight Club
Uriah Venida
Uriah Venida Pred 5 urami
can react to the Superman train scene?
Bryan Conner
Bryan Conner Pred 6 urami
Color out of Space was amazing I would love to see you guys do it.
Mr.NoN3 Pred 6 urami
Could you guys react to Shin Godzilla
MexicanNinja Academy
Shaolin soccer!
Aaron Nelson
Aaron Nelson Pred 8 urami
Kung Fury would be entertaining to see you review
Jose Vega
Jose Vega Pred 8 urami
Awesome episode, do Kung Fu Hustle fighting scenes, they are crazy
fred8816 Pred 8 urami
It would be cool to see you guys dissect Kung Fu Hustle's CG scenes! The stylistic run/chase scenes, and the fight ones! Thanks for the great content!
Michael DiPietro
Michael DiPietro Pred 9 urami
I think some cool movies (and specific shots) to react to would be: - The kingsman, first movie... Technicolor nuke head explosions - Harry Potter :Deathly Hallows Part 2... The final battle seq & the old aging at the very end - pretty much all of Harry Potter 😂... the quiddich sequences - Inception - Wizard of OZ - Treadstone (USA TV series) - His Dark Materials (HBO TV series)
Tylet Rose
Tylet Rose Pred 10 urami
The Meg.
Asbjørn Ihlen
Asbjørn Ihlen Pred 10 urami
Could you please react to the norwegian movie "Trollhunter" from 2010
Jesus Heredia
Jesus Heredia Pred 10 urami
How about kung pow! Enter the fist
colin pietron
colin pietron Pred 10 urami
The movie Annihilation with Natalie Portman, specifically when they are under the lighthouse and Natalie is interacting with the shimmer. Other scenes are great too, like the plant people, and the humanoid alien that the shimmer produces that tries to copy Natalie at the end
Tom J
Tom J Pred 10 urami
You guys should review “We were soldiers” it’s wartime realism is great but the VFX within the Broken Arrow scene is so bad. As I understand it most of the effects were real in addition to having the actual American Commanding officer played by Mel Gibson as a “consultant”.
Kenneth Rodriguez
Kenneth Rodriguez Pred 10 urami
Hardcore Henry!
Ryley Gallwey
Ryley Gallwey Pred 10 urami
The original power rangers movie
Nauway Pred 11 urami
Animal Planet made the fake documentary about the natural history of Dragons. It was called Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real. I think this would be another movie to look into for this series (I think there are good and bad cg effects in it).
Joel Wilcox
Joel Wilcox Pred 11 urami
This was the most informative episode yet!
dreamlandnightmare Pred 12 urami
The Irishman should have opted for motion tracking. Nowhere on the same level with MCU de-aging. The uncanny valley takes me out of the performance.
P0ngers Pred 13 urami
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.
Robert Middleton
Robert Middleton Pred 13 urami
Please react to Back to the Future! Especially the McFly house in 2015 scenes in Part II.
Brotherly Gaming
Brotherly Gaming Pred 14 urami
Doctor strange car crash scene
Wolfs Howl
Wolfs Howl Pred 15 urami
The Mask 1994: the Tommy gun screen
Jason Corry
Jason Corry Pred 17 urami
Godzilla King of the Monsters... for a movie with 200 million to spend the vfx are just awful.
Jessica Trine
Jessica Trine Pred 17 urami
I would die for DOOM CGI. either the new one or the 2005 one with The Rock
Thunder Tech
Thunder Tech Pred 18 urami
I wondered why this is age restricted before watching the video ... Now I know
Stoneroni Pred 18 urami
Little did they know I'm already subscribed
James Pilson-Wood
James Pilson-Wood Pred 19 urami
Lads !!! How about doing the Adams family ! Thing looked amazing for the time it was done ! 1993
Zaevion Echevarria
Zaevion Echevarria Pred 20 urami
I'd watch a spy kids video
GranatapfelLP Pred 20 urami
can you do t-34 plz ; )
Ubermacht Pred 21 uro
I would love to see you guys talk about the punisher netflix series, specifically some of the gunfights in season 2
Astrid Pred 22 urami
Please take a look at the fire effects in The Hunger Games!
Hemanth Kumar B
Hemanth Kumar B Pred 22 urami
Dudes watch KGF movie in best Indian 2018 VFX movie slvid.info/video/pqBhmIu9e9uJ0LM.html
Devoney Taylor
Devoney Taylor Pred 22 urami
CalamusTheBirb Pred 22 urami
violence warning on that knife would have been nice. wasn't expecting that. Otherwise great video.
Zennon Schmitz
Zennon Schmitz Pred 22 urami
You guys should talk about Hardcore Henry
CurryKingWurst Pred 9 urami
Yes, seconded! When I watched it I wrote about it in a “last movie you watched“ thread and some guy replied that he actually worked on some of the VFX in that movie.
Cowe Pred 23 urami
Do the fire extinguisher scene from Irreversible
Clemens Becker
Clemens Becker Pred 23 urami
do: the ritual. Netflix horror movie. The scene at around the 48 minute mark, Supermarket appearing in the woods. is it just a set or what? i think that movie had some really good special effects...
Tobias Chemnitz
Tobias Chemnitz Pred dnevom
Pirates of the caribbean. 1: Curse of the black Pearl - Final Fight scene 2: Dead mans Chest - The Kraken Attack.
Acid Pop
Acid Pop Pred dnevom
you guys should react to The Walking Dead
Quentin Bahuet
Quentin Bahuet Pred dnevom
Cats ans dogs: the revenge of Kitty galore! Love that movie as a kid
Godteireggplant Oof
Remember that one shot in Robocop when the villain is falling out the window... It's pretty bad
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Pred dnevom
You should check out the russian superhero movie "Защитники". It's director told that he was going to destroy Marvel but the movie turned out to be shit and now everyone hates it for awful CGI and stupid plot.
Krystal Battle
Krystal Battle Pred dnevom
Please respond to or react to ghost Rider
PC Fantom
PC Fantom Pred dnevom
Final Fantasy Advent Children First of all look at the release year and then analyse the quality of the animation for it's time, and do consider watching whole the movie as it's just awesome. do watch fighting scene at the end of movie, One Winged Angel, it's the best.
Faizan Khan
Faizan Khan Pred dnevom
12:26 That hurt!
Carl Karlsson
Carl Karlsson Pred dnevom
Please react to Eight Legged Freaks!!
Krippysam Skrr3
Krippysam Skrr3 Pred dnevom
How have ya'll not reacted to "wholock" yet?
Crystal Barton
Crystal Barton Pred dnevom
what are your opinions on the Pokeman movie and all of its effects?
Elliot Crain
Elliot Crain Pred dnevom
There's a terrible clip (it's only a few seconds) from 6 Underground where the camera flies over a military cemetery and it is so obviously CGI. I expected more from a Michael Bay film with a budget of $150m USD
Jr Distorter2
Jr Distorter2 Pred dnevom
Hey can you react to lung fu hustle
Peter Krucker
Peter Krucker Pred dnevom
The Color Out Of Space had some interesting CGI. Not necessarily bad but noticeable.
Dragonid Pred dnevom
Mortal Kombat or Doom (either of them)
RILEY Burnett
RILEY Burnett Pred dnevom
Can you review the cgi in the fallout 76 trailer
Kenneth Cocker-Valu
Can you react to the 1000 robot scene in iRobot.
nwstraith Pred dnevom
The new IT has some really janky cg in it
Bryan Austria
Bryan Austria Pred dnevom
Matthew Hurtafo
Matthew Hurtafo Pred dnevom
The hammer and the scalpel cgi trailer for rainbow six seige and the program trailer are both I really want you guys to look at
Matthew Hurtafo
Matthew Hurtafo Pred dnevom
Please look at the cgi trailers for rainbow six siege
Matej Kyzek
Matej Kyzek Pred dnevom
Eragon movie pls...