Voting Machines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

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John Oliver discusses how voting machines work, how they don’t, and how we can fix them.
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4. nov. 2019

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Komentarjev 8 295   
Aelund Pred 7 urami
Funnily enough, I am russian and I watch this show. Thank you, comrade Oliver. This information will be very useful.
Papa Alpha Oscar
Papa Alpha Oscar Pred 8 urami
DRE - Digital Rectal Exam. Same same. LOL!
Arazand Pred 8 urami
I like how the Swedish prime minister just stands there like "Oh, you poor man, my people hate me but at least they know they voted for me".
Vinay Veerapur
Vinay Veerapur Pred 8 urami
Learn From Indian Election system. You guys are just stupid.
Andrea Attard
Andrea Attard Pred 10 urami
John predicted Sean Spicer being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.
ServentForAnubis Pred 11 urami
Go ahead and explain how my vote matters with this system in place.
Hammond Pred 11 urami
The Conservatives WANT to break America. They WANT systems to fail. They do NOT want a real Democracy.
thatdapperfellow Pred 12 urami
Is that Anna Kendrick?
Leah Nidy
Leah Nidy Pred 14 urami
We are all horny, sparkly, drug addicts.
Michael Hansen
Michael Hansen Pred 15 urami
Should have interviewed Dr. Matt Blaze
Michael Hansen
Michael Hansen Pred 15 urami
"Our voting machines are not connected to the internet." Want to know what else wasn't connected to the internet? The Siemens PLCs controlling the centrifuges destroyed by Stuxnet. (The computers used to program the PLCs were connected to the internet.)
It won't be fixed because fraudulent results benefit the party that can't win the popular vote. I leave it to you to guess which party that refers to.
wookie5689 Pred 17 urami
The republicans (Senate) don't want to fix it. They corrupted the machine, they corrupted the political landscape, they corrupted America. Why fix it when it risk losing their job, money and reputation.
wookie5689 Pred 18 urami
Ladies and Gentlemen, the current shamble political environment is due to your Boomers' politicians making. Always remember that.
Claire de lune
Claire de lune Pred 18 urami
12:31 wow, can't believe Stan Stanart is Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome, without the ten gallon hat
Rick Nance
Rick Nance Pred 18 urami
hand counted by registered volunteers
Ampheta.miner Cometh
Ampheta.miner Cometh Pred 19 urami
That Jill Stein bit was absolutely unnecessary.
Rick Roberts
Rick Roberts Pred 19 urami
"He brought the log, she brought the cabin." Yeah, I'm done for the day internet. Thank you.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Pred 18 urami
yes euphoria is accurate about a lot of teens
Vignesh Balasubramaniam
I find it hilarious how stupid John Oliver is about technology. Your Amazon Echo is not actively recording 24/7 and sending that audio feed to Amazon. Even with the massive computing power that AWS has available to it, that amount of data would be incomprehensible. The listening for the "Hey Alexa" hotword is done _locally_ . After the Echo device has identified your hotword, _then_ all words subsequently spoken will be sent to Amazon for processing in order to understand what you said. This applies to the Google Home as well. Please stop spreading conspiracy theories John Oliver. You're better than this.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Pred 18 urami
of the vote counting process. So why the fuck would you bother with technology while little pieces of paper work ?
Nojoe365 Pred 20 urami
12:23 Hey, it's doug dimmadome, owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome.
Sentient Meatbag
Sentient Meatbag Pred 20 urami
The Netherlands went from voting machines in the 90's, back to paper ballots in 2009 because of an unsolvable flaw in voting machines: the machines place too much power in too few hands. Bribing or blackmailing one single programmer can change hundreds of thousands of votes all across the country. Even with a paper trail, chances are that many of the manipulated votes go undetected.
Feyd01 Pred 21 uro
Why the fuck do you need machines at all? What's wrong with a ballot paper and a fucking pen?
vinny142 Pred 21 uro
13:08 "But that's the internet stan!" No it's not. it's just a point-to-point phone connection, it has *NOTHING* to do with the internet at all.
ReaptheWhirlwind Pred 21 uro
Can a voting machine run Doom?
Scott Bennett
Scott Bennett Pred 21 uro
Moscow Mitch is throwing the 2020 election.
Paul Lesson
Paul Lesson Pred 22 urami
Virginia I voted. I can only assume that they got my vote right. I can't know for sure!
ThatLycanTomboy Pred 22 urami
I will always love this country. That’s why I listen to British bird man scream at me about its problems. fix the flaws. please.
Wolfgang Kleinschmit
Wolfgang Kleinschmit Pred 22 urami
Why even have voting machines in the first place??? Is it so hard to take a ball pen and make a cross on a sheet of paper? I've been a voting official counting such votes for several decades now and it has always worked flawlessly. Every. Single. TIME!
Brenda Valencia
Brenda Valencia Pred 22 urami
this is why I love this guy. His sacrasm is just so accurate and it envokes every single thing thats happening in this country. It's the truth, and gets right to the point.
Edwin van Slooten
Edwin van Slooten Pred 22 urami
A must see on this subject: slvid.info/video/2GiTlq2cpcZ80qs.html
Ondřej Rehák
Ondřej Rehák Pred 22 urami
Is Hanging Chad HIMYM reference?
Freyzi Pred 23 urami
Man it's astounding how many things are half assed in America, even something as important as elections.
Flealfy45 Pred dnevom
In my country voting is done by putting a piece of paper with the candidate's name written on it in an enveloppe. If the piece of paper is tempered with, the vote is counted as a blank, if there's more than one piece of paper in the enveloppe, the vote is counted as a blank, if there's no piece of paper in the enveloppe, the vote is counted as a blank. The box in which people put the enveloppe is locked and sealed. There was never any problems with the counting. Sure some elections were considered fraudulent but not because of the vote counting process. So why the fuck would you bother with technology while little pieces of paper work ?
ivyshaolin Pred dnevom
yes euphoria is accurate about a lot of teens
Jeremy Whalen
Jeremy Whalen Pred dnevom
I haven't seen something in a long time that has made me this genuinely happy and sparked an uncontrollable laughter and joy. Thank you so much John and HBO. I wish i could see the look on Bob Murray's legal teams face when they see this epic shit show. Seriously the greatest roast in internet history. I hope Trump tweets about this.
Skip6235 Pred dnevom
You didn’t mention that one of the co sponsors of that Senate bill is Amy Klobachar
brandonisi Pred dnevom
I’ve lived in Houston my whole life and have voted in every election since Bush v Gore, and I have literally never cast my vote on anything BUT those touch screens. I’ve never once been able to do a paper ballot. That’s particularly worrisome considering I am in Texas, which is poised to become a swing state any year now. Makes me wonder if I should just start doing absentee voting.
TheFlynnEffect Pred dnevom
Mehwave Pred dnevom
I might have just made a little mess, when John said that correlation doesn't equal causation and when I say "little" I mean a gigantic fuckstain.
Calvin Bottoms
Calvin Bottoms Pred dnevom
Ouch. Why is 5'8" bad? asking for someone else... I'm 6'8"
Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander Pred dnevom
Lmao, the voting machine stuff is just here to rile people up
Brad Hansen
Brad Hansen Pred dnevom
The voting _machines_ might not be connected to the internet, but all too often the servers that consolidate all the votes are left connected to the internet. It's those hackable servers where the biggest risk is.
TheRogueStatesman Pred dnevom
"He brought the log, she brought the cabin..." best euphemism ever!
Paula Robles
Paula Robles Pred dnevom
I'm too young to remember the 2000 elections and I'm 21
The Doctors Jenny
The Doctors Jenny Pred dnevom
My local areas in PA switched to half paper half computer not long after this was posted ... hmmmm ... conspiracy
Christopher Perisho
Dialing up to a bank of modems is not the same as connecting to the internet. You can have a data connection without running internet protocol at all.
rested Pred dnevom
Dollar says alot of these people think the browser is the internet
gridsleep Pred dnevom
Replacing the voting machines keeps the Republican Party from hacking them.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Pred dnevom
The Senate slashed the budget because if votes were more accurate, some of them wouldn't be in office.
Tony A
Tony A Pred dnevom
this looks like a dre problem some one call dr dre
Seán O'Nilbud
Seán O'Nilbud Pred dnevom
What a third world shithole.
XHitsugaX Pred dnevom
america is a weird country. An ex speaker of the president is in dancing with the stars.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Pred dnevom
when I voted for Jill Stein the maching buzzed awkwardly and they took it away. I live in Arkansas
AnjinSan4 Pred dnevom
An 11 year old hacked into the Fla. voting headquarters and changed the numbers and it took only 10 minuets and there was no trace of it. I have seen it on Time .com. So I am convinced the Russians did it in 2016 to put Trump in the white house. His actions and attitude seem to verify that he is Putin's agent.
Skaatje Pred dnevom
Politicians don't give a shit about you because, and here's the kicker, they're just like you and me.
Ana Su
Ana Su Pred dnevom
Kevin Pred dnevom
On one hand I understand that Russia is trying to influence our Presidential elections and that's a huge problem but on the other hand the popular vote that these machines are used for doesn't actually mean anything. Trump lost the popular vote anyway and the electoral college still put him in office. I think the problem here is not necessarily with Russia but the electoral college that can do whatever it wants with no oversight or repercussions.
Mari Pred dnevom
I never even heard of electrical voting machines. Here in Germany we write it down and put it in a box for people to manually count it. Idk if thats safer tho. Also they might be a thing in bigger cities.
Reuben Yancey
Reuben Yancey Pred dnevom
Jill Stein has integrity. More than you John.
John Weir
John Weir Pred dnevom
#Bernie2020 #FeeltheBern
Chetanya Sharma
Chetanya Sharma Pred dnevom
America should use Indian Election Machine. They run on most simple and reliable technology.