WHAT YOU DIDN'T SEE: Lebron James vs Luka Doncic EPIC BATTLE 

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Lebron James admitted 1 thing to Luka Doncic after their deathmatch, and that is…:
But it was the King who got the victory with the help of a genius play call that took it into overtime, that I will break down for everyone. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
To understand what happened at the end, we need to backtrack a little and see how the game developed. Trust me it will all make sense in 1 minute.
First of all, One of the reasons why James told Doncic what he told, is this- he absolutely dominated the Lakers off the Pick and Roll.
Right off the start, Luka gets the screen, keeps the dribble and attacks Mcgee, giving enough time to Powell to roll and the easy dunk on the first play.
When the Lakers adjusted and rotated down low as you see Kuzma right here, look at this quarterback vision and passing skills by Doncic to deliver a pass right on the money for the open 3. This is some Jason Kidd stuff right here done by a sophomore.
Again, in crunch time, he doesn’t panic, stays patient as he receives the screen and look at this slow attack before the lob, just in time for Powell to catch and finish. Crazy control of the pace.
Oh, and if you don’t wanna switch and help out on the screen, you know that this is what’s going to happen.
Doncic finished with a triple double of 31/13 and 15. Monster numbers!
But getting back to the game, all of this that I showed before, is why Dalas got the lead with 30 seconds to go.
As Powel sets the screen and rolls, all that Luka has to do is a little pass fake, and causes Davis to react opening up the opportunity for a blow by and a layup. So as he goes inside, the entire LA lineup closes down the lane for him, leaving a wide open shooter in the corner, and Dorian Finney Smith hits this clutch 3 pointer giving the Mavs the lead.
All this plus a missed free throw at the end, kept the door open at 3 point deficit and finally set up the play that saved the Lakers in this game.
So here’s the thing: Lebron was outmuscling and outrunning the Mavs throughout the entire game, on his way to his own triple double. 39/12 and 16 unreal numbers for the king. It was pretty simple. Blowing past big guys with his speed like he does right here. And barreling his way to the rim whenever he had a quicker but smaller guy on him as you can see right here.
So on that final play Dalas was right to be focused on him. But it was a bit too much.
As he gets the ball and starts his drive, there are less than 4 seconds on the clock, probably about 2 by the time he lays it in. So with no time outs left for the Lakers, why are the Mavs afraid of these 2 points? Check this out:
Maxi Kleber rotates to help, and meanwhile, Howard sets a screen, and in this situation gets away with a blatant and horrible foul, which gives Danny Green an open look in the corner.
The more basketball savy viewers already recognize this play called a Hammer, which Popovich ran it a lot for Danny Green himself in San Antonio.
It’s a misdirection play for the shooter to receive a screen in the corner as the defense is focusing on the strong side.
I love these genius little tricks by the coaches at the end of games, which obviously can produce brilliant results. But again, I have to stress the foul that went uncalled here in this situation and cost Dalas the game.
In OT, the dynamic duo of Lebron and AD was too much to handle, as the Lakers were able to come up with the victory at the end, but great effort and great start overall by Luka Doncic and the Mavs overall who I really need to do a dedicated video on, to break down their strong start this season.
That’s it for now, if you liked this video, subscribe and hit the notification bell so that you don’t miss my future in depth analysis. Talk to you in the next one. Peace out.




2. nov. 2019

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D S A Pred 3 meseci
Hey man, i really hope you are doing okay. all star game and all and you haven't made a video. we looking forward to your stuff man. pls come back soon
D S A Pred 3 meseci
Hey man, i really hope you are doing okay. all star game and all and you haven't made a video. we looking forward to your stuff man. pls come back soon
дем кен
дем кен Pred 6 meseci
i saw doncic age: 20 ... i can't believe it
Ben Soria
Ben Soria Pred 6 meseci
Doncic will be younger improve LBJ type
Myron Jr
Myron Jr Pred 6 meseci
C'mon with the Luka vids
Kevin Espinosa
Kevin Espinosa Pred 6 meseci
+1 subs
Shifu RC
Shifu RC Pred 6 meseci
Luka All star game i am calling it
A C Pred 6 meseci
You've got the best basketball videos on youtube. Keep it up Stefan!
Tobias Wilson
Tobias Wilson Pred 6 meseci
Your analysis on those Doncic passes are amazing. Even I didn't know the consequences had he passed it to other players lmao. I thought he was just passing to whoever he see is open. Truly this guy's basketball IQ is underrated
sTajkon Pred 6 meseci
DONČIČ IS The biggest gay in SLIVENIA
Arghielyn Hilado
Arghielyn Hilado Pred 6 meseci
Luca, its a next lebron james,, they are likely they same. There so awesome
Edhel Mark Solis
Edhel Mark Solis Pred 6 meseci
You're a Bad Mother Flopper u mean?? U forgot to mention all of his obvious flops
Right here right now ill surpass my limits!
He needed stitches in the back of his head and was bleeding. gtfoh
Vid Nikon
Vid Nikon Pred 6 meseci
lol, both are masters of flopping :)
G N Pred 6 meseci
how ironic that the play is from greg and the one who gets the ball is the former spurs player
tim nic
tim nic Pred 6 meseci
why is everything EPIC today ??? ;-)))
justingt3rs Pred 6 meseci
I never noticed the foul til now, no one on tv said anything about it
G Gucci Pajamas dripin Tony Montana Wut
Luka all day. Has been Lebron sux. Wanna be Mike in a weaker league. MJ the King and Luka is Bird 2.0!!!!
Nitin Rock
Nitin Rock Pred 6 meseci
If you get that praise from the best play maker of all time .. you are somebody special
I_ Fire _I
I_ Fire _I Pred 6 meseci
The Fletch and Seb Show
We watched this game.
kimmirossi46 Pred 6 meseci
Al Alih
Al Alih Pred 6 meseci
Underrated analyst just wow
Ezra Przytyk
Ezra Przytyk Pred 6 meseci
Can you not heart every single comment it really loses its value.
Slickmick Pred 6 meseci
How many shots did he take that game?
Mark Myers
Mark Myers Pred 6 meseci
Great video. What program do you use to write on screen with your videos?
MinecraftSamurai Pred 6 meseci
Wow dude I thought this guy was David Beckham!
Tine 007
Tine 007 Pred 6 meseci
DONCIC is BEAST🔥💯🙏 Lebron respect after game tells ALL❤
Keltozor Pred 6 meseci
7thSiege Hive
7thSiege Hive Pred 6 meseci
Refs Saved Lebron and the Lakers PERIOD!!!
Paul Miller
Paul Miller Pred 6 meseci
39/12/16. Unreal numbers. Meh I see it from him about 5+ times a year. Dwight was so lazy on that pick. He had position to set a good one.
Right here right now ill surpass my limits!
31/13/15 from Luka.
lyes215 Pred 6 meseci
I dont understand the refs, they call every minor foul for 46 minutes but they let play like street for the last 2 min
Michael Andrew
Michael Andrew Pred 6 meseci
November defense is allstar game-esq... Guys are trying to play the next 70 games not watch from a suit.
Stay. Ana larena
Stay. Ana larena Pred 6 meseci
luka doncic Meta af
Jota Las Vegas
Jota Las Vegas Pred 6 meseci
Hala Madrid!
Siré Dominic
Siré Dominic Pred 6 meseci
Imagine, You're a young boy wishing to go to the NBA, but right now, One of your childhood herose just told some amazing and respectful words to your game as a sophomore. That's so amazing for Luka!
Rátkai Bálint
Rátkai Bálint Pred 6 meseci
Why did the mavs' coach not challenge the play?
Right here right now ill surpass my limits!
You can't challenge a no call.
Pandes Mandes
Pandes Mandes Pred 6 meseci
What is it with these nba video titles lately" you didnt see, what they didnt tell you, they lied to you.." Etc 😂, great vid tho bro
Blake Vickrey
Blake Vickrey Pred 6 meseci
"This some Jason Kidd stuff" ....oh look, there's Jason Kidd standing on the sidelines watching Luka
Aharon Hillel
Aharon Hillel Pred 6 meseci
"this is a Jason Kidd stuff done by a sophomore" - here the problem: Lack of appreciation of European basketball. Luka's game grew in the Euroleague which isn't valued by Americans. We've seen this so many times. Is this being disrespectful or ignorant?
unitram Pred 6 meseci
Luka eats them all for breakfast
Skysea 4e
Skysea 4e Pred 6 meseci
And Luka, my man, is still so young..
wenksification Pred 6 meseci
that was foul by howard fuck. luka would be the youngest mvp
Alluka Zoldyck
Alluka Zoldyck Pred 6 meseci
That’s a bad screen from howard lul
Paul Pred 6 meseci
I keep telling people that if Kristaps expanded his game the could have the younger version of Lebron/AD pick n roll. But KP is just playing in his comfort zone.
Right here right now ill surpass my limits!
More like Lebron and KD duo from Europe.
Ammila Atiic
Ammila Atiic Pred 6 meseci
Who from SLO🤣🤣🤣🤜🏼
Dj Zephyr
Dj Zephyr Pred 6 meseci
West conf is not run through LBJ!!
[Bot] ben's minion
[Bot] ben's minion Pred 6 meseci
Why is this channel in my recomended i dont like sports, but i am from the same country as Luka
KidJV Pred 6 meseci
gonna say it again..rather have doncic than westbrook or harden
Moris Hogo
Moris Hogo Pred 6 meseci
Yeah, so stupid to guard James at the very end.
Right here right now ill surpass my limits!
It was stupid, but its obvious why. He was guarding dwight howard who he sees as no threat. Still stupidity from kleber!
Tanner Broyles
Tanner Broyles Pred 6 meseci
Oh the refs screwing the Mavs what else is new??
Yabai Desu
Yabai Desu Pred 6 meseci
Dwight is the one who save the game
Conor Reddington
Conor Reddington Pred 6 meseci
Love the no bullshit straight into facts I wanted to know.
Bd 28
Bd 28 Pred 6 meseci
Veteran grab by Dh👍
Tiano Pred 6 meseci
another quality content from White Kyrie!!!
Colin Leddy
Colin Leddy Pred 6 meseci
Sorry...what are you showing me that we didn't see on our own here? Fucking click bait & horrible pointless video. Good job.
Andrija Mitić
Andrija Mitić Pred 6 meseci
Great analysis bro!
Szymon Pajor
Szymon Pajor Pred 6 meseci
Yo dawg. Where I can buy this "white Kyrie" hoodie its amazing like this vid 😍
Dominik Dragić
Dominik Dragić Pred 6 meseci
He is our god player Luka Dončić
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page Pred 6 meseci
Lakers beat the San Antonio Spurs last night = 5-game winning streak. Coach Vogel is defiant against the critics when it comes to KCP (14 points, including 2---3-pointers made). Dallas defense was softer against Lebron than San Antonio Spurs head coach Greg Popovich.
vaannebilim Pred 6 meseci
Take note Mavs sneaky dirty play are the key to win
Kim Des
Kim Des Pred 6 meseci
Why they didn't foul before bron got the ball. Thats an easy win.
Mariano Pred 6 meseci
Mavs are fucking real
Nassone Nunes
Nassone Nunes Pred 6 meseci
Doncic was burn to play in the nba...I think he is going to win an MVP before 25yrs
Francisco Diaz
Francisco Diaz Pred 6 meseci
Lebron is going to recruit Luka to Lakers.
Raymund Labs ra
Raymund Labs ra Pred 6 meseci
when i started talking all of my co workers listening like I'm the best analyst 😂 because of this channel
Heat Check
Heat Check Pred 6 meseci
hahaha Im happy for you brodie :)
cesar leon
cesar leon Pred 6 meseci
Anthony Davis the real MVP.
Tim Henrichs
Tim Henrichs Pred 6 meseci
Looking forward to the Mavs Analysis! :)
Pikaboo Pred 6 meseci
Bruh why isn’t Dwight Howard get foul for pulling Set Curry at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a>
InvictuZ Pred 6 meseci
Dirty ass Lakers, but Mavs deserve to lose from that one guy trying to stop Lebron's 2-pointer. It ain't even NBA finals and he's already blanking out on the score.
trebledc Pred 6 meseci
Given that the lakers won this show that they just in the level of Dallas or lower, they should have lost this game.
Unit_ Killer_X
Unit_ Killer_X Pred 6 meseci
Good Catch. Didn't see the game but looked epic. Great Vid.. Get right to the good stuff. NO 4 PLAY 😆
Anderson Montaño
Anderson Montaño Pred 6 meseci
Like and suscribe
Chrestian Joseph Capuli
The way lebron landed after that dunk at @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="117">1:57</a> is like CGI or sumtin
noga stopalo
noga stopalo Pred 6 meseci
Evomre Pred 6 meseci
Dwight is their MVP so far.
Kamran Rizvi
Kamran Rizvi Pred 6 meseci
do video of you playing basketball like this if you want to see that
Kamran Rizvi
Kamran Rizvi Pred 6 meseci
ha your white kyrie
TheGrindcorps Pred 6 meseci
Like if you’d buy a Heat Check “White Kyrie” T shirt. Please make this a thing‼️
TheGrindcorps Pred 6 meseci
Heat Check Gotcha. Good luck. 👍🏽
Heat Check
Heat Check Pred 6 meseci
Trying!! I'm making calls to merch stores. I want it to be quality stuff, I aint after the quick $. Thx for the support tho
TheGrindcorps Pred 6 meseci
White Kyrie, makes another great video this time about white Lebron. The man can ball out!!!
The _Advizor
The _Advizor Pred 6 meseci
Wow 💥! I didn't see that Howard hold the other player to give Danny green an open shoot ! OMG 😥 Just a G.E.N.I.U.S Steph!😎
Master Lee House of Kungfu
White people seein' Luka be like 🤩🤩🤗🤗" Finally"!