Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Talk ‘Bad Boys’ Trilogy, Growth, Regrets + More 

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13. jan. 2020

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Lateralus 7L
Lateralus 7L Pred 19 urami
Charlemagne is old and tired. Will nice guy checked his manlet ass a couple times during this, well done sir o7
David Holmes
David Holmes Pred 19 urami
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence
buggyboogle9 Pred 20 urami
Tbh I’ve actually never heard Will swear. I don’t really watch movies, so don’t know if he does it there. So, was surprised to hear him swear here - the James Avery story - not swearing, that was part of his schtick. So, interesting about him being real here.
Coach Sherri
Coach Sherri Pred 20 urami
Reggie being in this movie made me holler, point and say “that’s Reggie!”🤣👉🏽
Jermaine Young
Jermaine Young Pred 20 urami
im confused why they even accepted this interview by these clowns
Jermaine Young
Jermaine Young Pred 20 urami
stick to interviewing dumb rappers
Keno Noke
Keno Noke Pred 20 urami
Fresh Prince / Martin 1.Martin
Coach Sherri
Coach Sherri Pred 20 urami
This Bad Boys is the best one yet💫
MrEriCash Pred 21 uro
One of your best interviews..
Young Creat1ve
Young Creat1ve Pred 21 uro
Just seen the movie honestly the best bad boys !
Julius Thompson
Julius Thompson Pred 23 urami
RIP James Avery
Javonte Williams
Javonte Williams Pred 23 urami
Angela Sucks
Kdub 5150
Kdub 5150 Pred 23 urami
Will Dropping Gems for us Older guys
TALIHAWK Pred 23 urami
Envy hairline struggling.
krisflow Pred dnevom
They should've had separate interviews - I feel that Martin had more to say but the the camera and interview questions/responeses gravitated towards Will for like 80% of the interview.
BlaccTony69 Pred dnevom
Martin has the true personality of an introvert. He is quiet by nature, and very observant. This is why he is so great at playing (acting/comedian) characters. Being an introvert myself, I recognized it. I can’t believe our generation (Will & Martin) are all grown up. I miss those days of the Fresh Prince & Martin shows. I thought we’d be young forever.
Dale Sims
Dale Sims Pred dnevom
It ill be a Bad Boys 4...Great Good Movies
bodoy euir
bodoy euir Pred dnevom
Get Charlemagne a Big momma ass
yawdiejin Pred dnevom
THIS is why we need Yee. If it wasn’t for her, then dudes would’ve forgot that Martin was there too.
Sa Sha
Sa Sha Pred dnevom
Will Smith and Martin Laurence best couple ever ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌷 love you both, best actors.. my #1
Nicki Graham
Nicki Graham Pred dnevom
good interview. will smith doesnt need to share and interview with any one he has so much to say. its good to see martin make a comeback i hope he does a televised standup id definitely watch
My First name My Last name
Martin and will ste cool!
YoLo Videos
YoLo Videos Pred dnevom
Imagine Will Smith hosting SNL - He'd take over the whole show. They know it.
roy w
roy w Pred dnevom
I appreciate this interview and I appreciate will’s peace and knowledge.
Alexander Fye
Alexander Fye Pred dnevom
Have to vent about Bad Boys 3, No Spoilers at all dont worry. Bad Boys 3 was good as A movie, but for a Bad Boys sequel it was dumb!!! Saw it the first two nights it came out the 16th and 17th last week. As a fan of the series it was great just seeing Will and Martin back again but the plot holes couldn't be ignored. Remember this series runs in real time, as seen in 2 with mentions of 9/11. 4 issues listed here from worse to least. Also, HOW TF did the bad guy keep popping up at the exact places our Cop Duo is, without using any trackers, spies or even tv cameras or social media postings?!? 1) TIMELINE - The whole "start" / reason for the plot is based on events that take place 1 year BEFORE Marcus and Mike become partners. Biggest plot hole here. In 3, the plot is said to start in 1995, 8 months before Isabel's son, the assassin is born in 1996 as shown in the movie. Problem is Bad Boys 1 was in 1995 and after the pool fight Mike tells Marcus "I've been your partner for 6 years and I've been your boy all my life". This means they've been partners since 1989 at least. *** Don't give the fans a timeline and dates to follow in 3, if you're gonna completely ignore the series foundation plot and timeline events. *** 2) MISSING CHARACTERS - A few characters should have been in this movie but were left out with no explanation or mention of : a) Fletcher - Computer Hacker from 1 & 2, should have been in A.M.M.O. for 3. b) Sinclair - Internal Affairs Officer in 1, The Judge in 2 (mentioned but not seen) "Judge Sinclair signed the warrants" "You just love pissing Capt. Howard off don't you?" These 2 should have been in the 3rd one especially Sinclair. KEY missed character there. It should have been Sinclair to have been the glue / rally call to give the duo motivation to catch the assassin. (Much like how Capt. Howard tells them in 1, "Do what you do, only faster!" "I'm always taking it for you right? Do it for me!" and "it's time to get lucky, go do what you gotta do" There was room for a surprise reappearance from a character in 3 for comedy value but not for plot value. 3) REALISM - 1 & 2 have been keeping this realistic to a point but 3, goes left field more so with the very last scene in prison. Telling the assassin "an opportunity has presented itself for you to knock off some of that debt" . There is NO WAY possible to knock off multiple life sentences without parole, for killing a Judge,a lawyer, multiple cops and civilians. (yes it's just a movie but with realistic boundaries at least it was in this series) This is impossible in this day and age. ** This isn't the first time we've seen such in Hollywood, recent example F&F Jason Statham's character, but another story as F&F stopped being realistic after the first one.** Also opening chase scene was entertaining but plot wise dumb, reckless and would not have happened. Mike and Marcus have been chewed out for much less. 4) BREAKING THE 4th WALL - In 3, this was done with overkill. I don't know how many times "Bad Boys" was mentioned within the movie itself. Not just the song but as a "call to arms". In 1, it was just the song while in the car. In 2, it was the song (wrong lyrics joke as a running gag) then the yearbook with "we ride together, die together". In 3, It's done in both previous instances mentioned but now "Bad Boys, come on I need this" "Bad Boys one more time" as if it was something they normally said / did all the time. I see how it was meant to be a rallying cry to team up one last time but it was overdone and unnecessary. *Had Sinclair been in this movie, it would have been on her to send in reinforcements and help, like in 2, where the CIA and DEA covertly want in on the action.
Shawn Woods
Shawn Woods Pred dnevom
Will & CTG just came outta tre closet....PAYATTENTION
Nash Kavin
Nash Kavin Pred dnevom
Martin was the best sitcom for sure
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Pred dnevom
keep the Bad Boys movies 🎥 coming!! damn i wanna play in the next Bad Boys! 🥺😩🤣 #BigDreams 😂
Billy Gonzales
Billy Gonzales Pred dnevom
Envy really asked the stupidest question
Billy Gonzales
Billy Gonzales Pred dnevom
Envy really asked the question bout Tyrese
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Pred dnevom
Give It Up to Charlatin 👩 for still being an bleeding in the closet 👩.
Ay Ay
Ay Ay Pred dnevom
No one at all: Envy: What’s the craziest gift you’ve ever got? Tf weirdo ass question
Jarid Vacca
Jarid Vacca Pred dnevom
Tell me will smith isn’t the most woke celebrity .. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Black dragon
Black dragon Pred dnevom
No disrespect to y'all Breakfast Club guys but I got to call it like I see it how can your man act Will Smith how much money he makes that is disrespectful now what if I call in and ask you guys how much y'all get paid on the radio station exactly just my opinion the midnight Ghost Rider black dragon
Larrese Menton
Larrese Menton Pred dnevom
I'm pissed Charla asking about they pay. Why would you ask someone that? That is so disrespectful. Is someone asking if Envy making more than you? And how much? These are legends. They didn't even have to do they show and this is why they don't deal with black people now. Learn to be professional. I'm glad Yee took over!
Djeey DD
Djeey DD Pred dnevom
These guys look 30 tf
King Dj-Slim
King Dj-Slim Pred dnevom
Get Charlemagne a Big momma ass
Mac Ant
Mac Ant Pred dnevom
Search up Mac Ant X Gang shit click & subscribe to my channel please and thank you
Cristina Sev
Cristina Sev Pred dnevom
Will Smith got gully at the breakfast club. Drippin F Bombs and putting Charla in check .
Tony Caston
Tony Caston Pred dnevom
Use the lenses out of swimming goggles and put two or more of them over each eye to pray meditate and sleep. They help with healthy eye Care and air pollution. Antoneo caston on Facebook or helathyeyes2020 on Instagram.
frederick ifill
frederick ifill Pred dnevom
Dope ass interview
Yerrr! Pred dnevom
When will said you give voice to people that would be voiceless other wise charlamagne shoulda felt that
Yerrr! Pred dnevom
The way will handled that cringie ass question about pac & jada is what makes him a icon, he always prepared
Ty Richards
Ty Richards Pred dnevom
Charlemagne won't have a problem transitioning to dentures because he has the mouth movement down to a science
Daniel Negron
Daniel Negron Pred dnevom
Give It Up to Charlatin 👩 for still being an bleeding in the closet 👩.
Kyro A_Slime
Kyro A_Slime Pred dnevom
keep the Bad Boys movies 🎥 coming!! damn i wanna play in the next Bad Boys! 🥺😩🤣 #BigDreams 😂
kingsly Anderson
kingsly Anderson Pred dnevom
Take a shot every time Will Smith says “ya know”
Tony Caston
Tony Caston Pred dnevom
use the lenses out of swimming goggles and put two or more of them over each eye to pray meditate and sleep. they help with healthy eye care and air pollution. antoneo Caston on Facebook.
Dr. Fred Hudson.
Dr. Fred Hudson. Pred dnevom
The energy in the room is so amazing.
The QA Ninja RetroDude!
Two of the most legendary pairs of big ears of all time!! They were my childhood!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ivey Fagan Jr
Ivey Fagan Jr Pred 2 dnevi
Is Martin ok? He is just different now.
Slick Trademarc
Slick Trademarc Pred 2 dnevi
5:47 OG's know what that's about
bruce williams
bruce williams Pred 2 dnevi
There needs to be a Bad boys tv show
D L L Pred 2 dnevi
Rich Cash Hempstead
Rich Cash Hempstead Pred 2 dnevi
will smith would be vdope on best life rec good call charlotte
William Sims
William Sims Pred 2 dnevi
Did will Smith say "Brazy" at the end ? 🤣😂🤣😂 #HeDontKnwNothinBoutThat
sosiceni ralulu
sosiceni ralulu Pred 2 dnevi
Tupac that nigga 26 years later ....he still got the juice
Lakeith Gray
Lakeith Gray Pred 2 dnevi
These comments got me fup!! I liked it! Yall need some pussy! And man up!!
Lakeith Gray
Lakeith Gray Pred 2 dnevi
I'm seeing the comments! Yall just see the negativity in people!! What is wrong with yall! Did you get loved as a child! That's what's wrong with the human race!🤔🤔🤔
Lakeith Gray
Lakeith Gray Pred 2 dnevi
This what the black man should be like! Not putting each other's down! They are really friends! I love this interview! Will got Martin back! And vice versa!😎
Heffsta02 Pred 2 dnevi
I love Will, he has such great advice
Cody Lee King
Cody Lee King Pred 2 dnevi
Will Smiths laugh is iconic😂🔥
Lewis Roulle
Lewis Roulle Pred 2 dnevi
i dont know if yall can tell , but theres something terribly wrong with Martins health? his speech is quivering and hes shaking > Martin is sick yall mark my words you watch his speech over
laura pulley
laura pulley Pred 2 dnevi
Charlemagne is so childish! Dude grow up already your clearly over 50 or headed there smh!!!