Wyatt interrupts Daniel Bryan on Miz TV, accepts Universal title challenge | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN 

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Who is Daniel Bryan? That was The Miz's question on this week's edition of Miz TV. Is he the leader of the Yes Movement? Is he the New Daniel Bryan? And does The Fiend see that Bryan is weak? Bryan addressed all of those questions and more - "Miz TV sucks, and Miz TV has always sucked!" - before being interrupted by Bray Wyatt in the Firefly Fun House, culminating in a Universal Championship challenge and a series of "Yes!" chants from Wyatt.
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Wyatt interrupts Daniel Bryan on Miz TV, accepts Universal title challenge | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN




16. nov. 2019

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WWE ON FOX Pred 25 dnevi
What were your thoughts on this segment?
Leen Sadeq
Leen Sadeq Pred 13 dnevi
WWE on FOX jumps over tonight's game and the family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you tomorrow morning to pick me to come back to your family and friends are going to the WWE Network and sharing with the other way around of course okay here's my pic and I will send Kurt Angle Jonathan Coachman
Sal Mazzilli
Sal Mazzilli Pred 13 dnevi
Loved it!!!!!
Rockybalboa Pred 15 dnevi
Very good best segment on smackdown
Ty Dunn
Ty Dunn Pred 16 dnevi
Jesus is that you?
TyRenn Barker
TyRenn Barker Pred 13 urami
Nobody better?? I'd say... Randy Orton.
Donut Life
Donut Life Pred dnevom
Goes from Mr Rogers to Manson back to Mr Rogers like it's nothing the guy is pure gold
swag check
swag check Pred 3 dnevi
Sener Pred 4 dnevi
The scariest thing about all this is Miz's optical illusion suit
신예균 Pred 7 dnevi
요세브레이저모습으로경기안하는거보면 가면써야힘을내는타입인건가?? 하긴가면쓰면 안쓸때보다더호러스럽긴해ㅋ 참웃는건성격좋은아저씨인데 쓰면호러킹이니ㅡㅡㅋㅋ
holysinnerxxx Pred 7 dnevi
i am digging Bray as champion but I think we all deserve to see Miz with the WWE championship in 2020.
Storm shadow
Storm shadow Pred 8 dnevi
Go bray ,,, YES
Fabled GamerYT
Fabled GamerYT Pred 8 dnevi
austin eafford
austin eafford Pred 10 dnevi
A bunch of ugly and creepy ass looking puppets.
Chris56076 Pred 12 dnevi
When The miz turn back heel ?
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Pred 13 dnevi
What’s so crazy, people are speaking on the continuity of DBry and Miz, but if you dig a little deeper... The Yes Movement can officially point it’s start to that night in Providence, RI. Not that that moment has been forgotten, and I’m sure everyone catches the wink Bray puts on Daniel about if he remembers. WWE may put out hot garbage and they tend to ignore the fans, but they let that moment with Bray to breathe. And didn’t explain it to the fans who didn’t know. They didn’t play them for fools and, outside of that Hell in a Cell ending, have been spot on with Bray/The Fiend. The whole “He never forgets” deal has really played out well for the most point. And again, it was smart to take each brand’s #1 champion battle out their respective feuds instead of focusing on the inter-brand war. Wwe does get shit wrong, but in some cases they do remind us they’re capable of things like this.
Mr. Black
Mr. Black Pred 13 dnevi
"maybe he did it to remind you.. About what you did" Man seeing Bray like that is pretty freaky. And I like how it's continued from the old storyline when Daniel joined the Wyatt Family
Mr. Black
Mr. Black Pred 13 dnevi
So Daniel Bryan eats very healthy and does everything a person should do in order to be healthy he is that times 100. That being said he ages like a mfr. In 1 year he looks like he's aged 5 years
XxX_Baby_noob 69
XxX_Baby_noob 69 Pred 14 dnevi
No yes no yes NO NONONO
lol 12
lol 12 Pred 15 dnevi
Who wants to see the fiend vs Brock lesner
chase gaming
chase gaming Pred 15 dnevi
The miz is a dick
Mike Metzger
Mike Metzger Pred 15 dnevi
Those pinstripes are feuding with my life
Tomomatic Pred 16 dnevi
Bray Wyatt, the new leader of the Yes movement.
Serial Killer Assistant
"But there is one thing, one thing the same as it was before, and that's this; I would never lose, to Husky Harris."
Pearl Morris
Pearl Morris Pred 17 dnevi
Don Edouardo
Don Edouardo Pred 17 dnevi
Bray the GOAT
Press Pause Productions
I'm confused on who's heel and who's face
Mike Metzger
Mike Metzger Pred 15 dnevi
The answer is yes
Donut Life
Donut Life Pred 17 dnevi
"Yes yes yes" that's what brie said all night long.....wait wrong video
IVAN Pred 17 dnevi
god thats an awful looking belt... the red was better, it had a little bit more class to it with the gold and red
Sunil Roy
Sunil Roy Pred 18 dnevi
so the basic premise of the story is that sometimes to achieve greatness, its ok not to be ok. sometimes you have to let that demon within you consume you so that you can get what you want because in times like this, you know that demon inside is stronger. now that is some quality storytelling.
Nick Nemiroff
Nick Nemiroff Pred 18 dnevi
There are so many things that wwe can do with bray.. This one coming out as "fiend" is gold but we need him more in action and not only on PPVs.. And by the way, he needs sister abigal to come on the screen
Kevin Bull
Kevin Bull Pred 18 dnevi
Should he beat Bray, he would be one of few if not only man to win WWE, World Heavyweight and Universal titles in their careers!
Kevin Bull
Kevin Bull Pred 18 dnevi
Is Bryan a tweener or is he a back as a face?
Chris Holland
Chris Holland Pred 18 dnevi
Why's Miz's suit Glitching on my phone does anybody else notice The Miz's Suit?
Mike Metzger
Mike Metzger Pred 15 dnevi
No one else noticed
Kevin Stone
Kevin Stone Pred 18 dnevi
Bray Wyatt should had been the only man to beat the Undertaker atva Wrestlemania. Bray is the new face of fear
CriminalIntent89 Pred 18 dnevi
wtf is this firefly house shit? looks like some blues clues shit
Fameõ Keefa
Fameõ Keefa Pred 18 dnevi
Thts suit killing my eyes
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar Pred 19 dnevi
Bray 👎
Jamichael York
Jamichael York Pred 19 dnevi
I think Matt hardy gave Daniel promo advice
abderrahim Fadil
abderrahim Fadil Pred 19 dnevi
They should pay this man a million dollars.. Just for acting like this... #bray
Eric Larson
Eric Larson Pred 19 dnevi
Great segment
Eric Rodden
Eric Rodden Pred 19 dnevi
The fiend never forgets so he fighting the past in the present so soon we will see brawn stromen vs the fiend... Maby
Vo iD
Vo iD Pred 19 dnevi
how come the universal championship belt in blue now?
RyMicTheKing Pred 19 dnevi
Brilliant way for Bray to take DB's gimmick and use it for himself against DB