Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Review - 108 Megapixel Madness. 

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My Full Unboxing and Review of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 / Mi Note 10 Pro Smartphone, including Camera Test, Battery Test, specs, features and more.
Available to buy here: www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009781495194.html?wid=1349303&lkid=70556277
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6. nov. 2019

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NNunez09 Pred uro
This makes me really excited if the Galaxy S11 has a 108 mp camera
Zroyshka Sweint
Watching this video using my Xiaomi BlackShark.
Topu Pred 2 urami
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 / 10 Pro being heavy sucks and they don't have the latest Snapdragon 855+ chip nor a 90Hz display :-: Also, no IP rating, wireless charging, and microSD card slot are weird not having them in 2020 XD
shiva kumar
shiva kumar Pred 3 urami
When Launched This Mobile
nijas bava
nijas bava Pred 3 urami
Will you give your mi 10 for me
B Roli
B Roli Pred 8 urami
Who cares? How can people still fall for this marketing stupidity. My 20 MP camera creates a thousand times better pictures at any focal length than any phone, because its not about megapixels but the size of the senzor morons
Ravindra Singh Rana
Ravindra Singh Rana Pred 8 urami
How Much Price This Phone
Ulises Albert
Ulises Albert Pred 13 urami
thank you, man. I've bought it earlier and it's great. Coupon of course from Couponsfromchina. Cheers
Khan Khan
Khan Khan Pred 13 urami
3.7 million views in just a week ? !!! 😱
PAWAR info tech
PAWAR info tech Pred 14 urami
awesome reviews specially your voice is killer ✌️✌️✌️✌️👍
Emre Kanca
Emre Kanca Pred 14 urami
if its tagged with "note", does it have a pen?
Kong Pred 16 urami
Dslr phone Xaio mi brings back the Jack vs idiot apple. Not bad xaio mi not bad.
Shouter Review
Shouter Review Pred 21 uro
The world first 108 Megapixels camera phone launched by Xiaomi, Real bird registration is ongoing. Read more to learn, www.shouter.review/xiaomi-mi-note-10-cc9-pro-launches-the-worlds-first-108-mp-phone/
jsonking Pred 21 uro
So, what is a great alternative to this miracle handset, in terms of the chipset?
David Saurav
David Saurav Pred 21 uro
Mi is a King of smartphone 😁
Krishna Naik
Krishna Naik Pred dnevom
In 2k30 we can see the satellite .... By phone cam😂😂😂😂😂😂lol......
AYUSH Thapa Pred dnevom
2020 = 10000 mp
MR karmur
MR karmur Pred dnevom
please make a full details video for camera comperiton between mi not 10vs one plush 7t and one Plus 7 many people are confused with those are phone.pls
Angry Bird
Angry Bird Pred dnevom
Time Gaming2030
Time Gaming2030 Pred dnevom
Who cares about table wobble when you could get a phone case
HM Mulaudzi
HM Mulaudzi Pred dnevom
Hey Mrwhosetheboss i kindly would like any smartphone that you would like to giveaway 😭 because right now I'm using my mom's smartphone and i am going to college next year and i still don't have a smartphone. I'd appreciate it. Even if it's a 3 or more years old smartphone. anyone that would like to giveaway a smartphone or donate a bit of cash can email at hakkinen.mika1@gmail.com
E_dgman Pred dnevom
should I get this or a low price brand new samsung note 8?
Attila És Kész
Attila És Kész Pred dnevom
I dropped out my Hubble telescope....:D
Kadin Plays
Kadin Plays Pred dnevom
They should make a mi note 10 pro
Han Solo
Han Solo Pred dnevom
Can't wait for infinity Zoom
zakariyya labid
zakariyya labid Pred dnevom
Is it better than xiaomi 9t pro or oppo reno2 ?
muhammed325 nim
muhammed325 nim Pred dnevom
Aaa...... WTF.............. WHAT 108mp
Joseph Halindogo
Joseph Halindogo Pred dnevom
Apple's next phone: 5 cameras! Iphone fanatics: Best phone ever!
J T H Pred dnevom
Hold up I know that train station?! Which one is it!!!!
Jesse Lazo
Jesse Lazo Pred dnevom
Does anyone know the shutter speed options? I've seen a video in the past where the guy set the shutter speed up 30 seconds (I think) and was able to actually do space/star photography.
Akhtar Shaikh
Akhtar Shaikh Pred dnevom
I still use the redmi note 4
Yassin Kol
Yassin Kol Pred dnevom
Nice phone
Jack Harrington
Jack Harrington Pred dnevom
Was I the only one who thought it was spelled "guerilla glass"?
sachin yadav
sachin yadav Pred dnevom
*Kitne ka hai?*
Bandile Maxwell
Bandile Maxwell Pred dnevom
Please do a camera test like you did with the Nokia 9 pureview
Bandile Maxwell
Bandile Maxwell Pred dnevom
I so wish to own a phone with such an impressive camera
shubham gupta
shubham gupta Pred dnevom
Artificial accent of language 😒
Bdhk 1 mahine pahle note 7 pro liya tha phir 8 pro aaya 7 bech ke 8 liya ab mc itne jaldi phone launch kar rhe hai paisa kya tera baap dega
Aquin jose
Aquin jose Pred dnevom
Pranshu Bhingradia
Pranshu Bhingradia Pred dnevom
It is also called the Xiaomi MI CC9 pro
Jeff Leung
Jeff Leung Pred dnevom
Let me guess, USB 2.0 ports? Xiaomi's forever USB 2.0 ports
Jayashree Pawar
Jayashree Pawar Pred dnevom
Kitne ka h ye phn
Praveen Chandramohan
And the SAR ?
SALAIH HAX3R❶ Pred 2 dnevi
Milky Bar
Milky Bar Pred 2 dnevi
How much it cost
Chennai Barani
Chennai Barani Pred 2 dnevi
Akash Goyal
Akash Goyal Pred 2 dnevi
Not mega pixel its only censor
Dimitrie Pred 2 dnevi
mbah ayem
mbah ayem Pred 2 dnevi
Love ur voice😘
Mohamed Riaz
Mohamed Riaz Pred 2 dnevi
2009: I got a phone with camera 2019: I got a Camera with phone 😂🔥
James Evans
James Evans Pred 2 dnevi
I love Xiaomis range of phones. They have so many different models with different hardware aimed at people with different requirements! I have a mi9t pro because no notch and 855 processer are more important to me than camera....
Jacques Marneweck
Jacques Marneweck Pred 2 dnevi
cool, wondering what the zen 7 will look like
Farid Qureshi
Farid Qureshi Pred 2 dnevi
Tech Help
Tech Help Pred 2 dnevi
108 megapixels but not camera performance is good
Polash Quadhi
Polash Quadhi Pred 2 dnevi
7:22 Waste of time watching this until he said all the negatives at the end
Hamza Asif
Hamza Asif Pred 2 dnevi
PHONE : 108 Megapixels 😎 DSLR : *Damn it!!! We've Got to find a New JOB.*
Ashley Bernard
Ashley Bernard Pred 2 dnevi
Forget Samsung and Apple.. big brands, big prices and half as much technology. Well that's my two pence..
Alperen Öztürk
Alperen Öztürk Pred 2 dnevi
108 mp camera Money=-108
Rakshith HR
Rakshith HR Pred 2 dnevi
we can watch planets through phone cameras in 2030
OKKA Ahmd Pred 2 dnevi
Just 1 year, Xiaomi phone bad performance
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